Articles about HarePoint Analytics for SharePoint

SharePoint & Google Analytics. Why choose specialized solutions?

In this article, we will show how to add Google Analytics to your SharePoint website and find out why is it better to use specialized solutions for a SharePoint site.

SharePoint Reporting: what SP 2010 is missing at first glance

The article shortly reviews the built-in reporting service in Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and provides some comparison with HarePoint Analytics for SharePoint to make clear the main advantages and disadvantages of built-in Sharepoint reporting service.

HarePoint Analytics client experience: Fortune 100 company

HarePoint Analytics for SharePoint​ is an unusual product in that it covers the entire spectrum of companies by both industry and size. A Fortune 100 company has recently provided us with a synopsis of their experience with the product a bit more than a year after implementation.

SharePoint usage reports: how to measure site usage with HarePoint Analytics

SharePoint is now a very popular and powerful all-in-one tool to create intranet portals. After all the investments in SharePoint infrastructure, time spent on development, administration, design and user adoption, when the portal is up and running smoothly, the main question that arises is how efficient is the new SharePoint-based portal.

HarePoint Analytics for SharePoint Vs. CardioLog Analytics

The experts at Intlock team have published an article called "CardioLog Analytics Vs. HarePoint Analytics" where a comparison of the functionality of these two competing products is made. Rather than publishing a counter-comparison, which does not seem proper in our view, we are simply make comments on Cardiolog’s article – especially the parts of it which simply do not really represent HarePoint Analytics and its function.

HarePoint Analytics for SharePoint and GDPR

The article describes the capability of HarePoint Analytics for SharePoint to protect personal user data in the context of upcoming GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in EU.

Custom fields from AD or SharePoint User Profile in Analytics reports

Since the new versions of HarePoint Analytics for SharePoint 2016/2013 ( /, the new great feature is available: now it is possible to include any custom fields from Active Directory or SharePoint User Profile, so that you can have those fields displayed in reports.

Audit of documents and list items usage

There is no such company where the question "Give me information on all the actions with this document ASAP" doesn’t rise from time to time. It’s worse, when this question is asked on the list items which have been already deleted. It's not so fun to look for it in the recycle bin, pull GUID out of it and then search this GUID in the audit logs.

Find outdated content in SharePoint

You can find outdated content on every portal: pages, documents and even whole sites. As many SharePoint sites are closely integrated with different company information services, contain personal and commercial data, outdated content must be treated with utmost care.

Track marketing campaigns in SharePoint

In the context of SharePoint, the goal of any campaign is to bring visitors to the site and convey a message to them through the site. The campaign can be carried out either online, or offline, for example, as an industry expo, or a seminar for employees. In any case, with HarePoint Analytics, we can evaluate its results.

SharePoint Statistics data on site pages

Integrating analytical data on pages opens up great opportunities for site owners and visitors, of which many are often unaware. With the help of web-parts HarePoint Analytics you can integrate analytical data on the page literally within one minute.

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