HarePoint Workflow Extensions versions history

Version 2.21 - released on April 10, 2023

The following actions were removed from the product:

  • Add Watermark To PDF Document
  • Get PDF Document Property
  • Set PDF Document Properties
  • Set PDF Watermark Options
  • Insert Watermark into PDF Before Printing

Version 2.20.4463 - released on March 22, 2023

OAuth 2.0 authorization was added in Email workflow actions.

Version 2.20 - released on May 31, 2022

SharePoint Server Subscription Edition compatibility added.

New actions:

  • Update Multiple Fields In Word Document
  • Replace External Hyperlink in Word Document
  • Move List Item to Subfolder
  • Convert JSON to XML

Other updates:

  • SFTP (SSH) protocol is now available for FTP workflow actions
  • Fixed support of lookup fields in Execute SQL Command into List
  • Build String from List now supports field modifiers, e.g. <%fieldname:modifier%> (date, time: tolower, toupper, trim)

Version 2.19 - released on December 23, 2021

New actions:

  • Get Word Document Pages Count
  • Add Document to ZIP Archive with password-protection feature

Other updates:

  • Add Digital Signature: fixed Access Denied bug
  • FTP actions: improved compatibility with some server types and non default ports
  • Email actions: array support for To/CC/BCC fields
  • Send HTTP Request:
    • New variable: NumberOfRetries
    • Logs added
  • Create List Items from Array: subfolder support
  • Print Document: array support for document paths
  • Grant permission: checks current permissions to avoid rewriting it with the same values
  • Copy or Move Document: redesigned procedure of copying of lookup и managed metadata fields
  • IPv6 support added: Change Local User Account Settings, Create Local User Account, Delete Local User Account, Set Local User Password
  • Update Exchange Calendar Item Advanced Properties:
    • new Sensitivity levels: normal and private
    • Reminder can be set to 0
  • Send HTTP Get / Post Request: new variable UseDefaultTls allows to ignore TLS 1.2 flags
  • Update Word Document action has been updated to allow insertion of a content control into a table within another table
  • Download Document from FTP Folder: fixed recursive downloading
  • Start Workflow now checks the availability of the task list before startup
  • Get Field Value: bugfix

Version 2.18 - released on July 31, 2020

New actions:

Other updates:

  • Send HTTP Request: improved compatibility with outdated environments without TLS 1.2/1.3 support.
  • An all-day event parameter added in Update Exchange Calendar Item action.

Version 2.17 - released on April 29, 2020

New workflow action: Delete Contact from Active Directory.

Other updates and improvements:

  • Now workflow actions designed to work across different farms, can also operate with SharePoint Online.
  • TLS 1.2 and 1.3 support added for HTTP related actions.
  • Printing workflow actions significantly improved.
  • Create List Items from Array: new parameter for specified field values.

Version 2.16 - released on December 13, 2019

New actions and conditions added:

  • Add Watermark To Word Document
  • Download Documents from FTP Folder
  • Upload Documents to FTP Folder

Other updates and improvements:

  • FTP related actions now use FluentFTP library.
  • Update List Item at URL now tries to update list items several times when a save conflict occurs.
  • Set User's Attribute in Active Directory action now correctly updates the canonicalName attribute to allow object renaming.
  • Bug in Send Meeting Request action has been fixed.

Version 2.15 - released on August 23, 2019

New actions to manage Active Directory objects with SharePoint workflows:

  • Find Objects in Active Directory by Query
  • Get/Set Object’s Attribute from Active Directory
  • Get/Set Object’s Multivalued Attribute from Active Directory

Other updates and improvements:

  • Create Mail Contact in Active Directory now can create a contact even if the organization does not have Microsoft Exchange deployed.
  • Get/Set User’s Attribute in Active Directory also works with contacts now.
  • New Get/Set Site Property option: Request access e-mail.
  • Added ability to send POST request with an empty body in Send HTTP Post Request.
  • New hidden parameter LogResponse in Send HTTP Get/Post Request.
  • Delete All User Permissions at URL has been fixed to avoid conflicts with other workflows.
  • Type editor in Set Object’s Multivalued attribute has been changed from TextArea to ParameterNames.
  • Minor bugfix in Document Conversion Service Worker.
  • Get Field Value: Fixed getting user type fields.
  • Fixed autodiscover flow for Office 365.

Version 2.14 - released on April 1, 2019

Added support for SharePoint 2019 (2010 workflow engine)

Also, 5 new actions added:

  • Set Site Property to change the site properties, such as title, description and site collection administrators.
  • Get SharePoint 2013 Workflow Instance to obtain the Instance ID of a 2013 platform type workflow.
  • Set E-mail Delivery and Processing Options to send personalized emails.
  • Get Text Length to calculate the length of a text string.
  • Delete Entire SharePoint List at Url to completely remove the specified list with all the list items.

Other updates and improvements:

  • New parameter Preferred Culture in Set Exchange Web Service Options.
  • Resize Image now supports list attachments.
  • Remove Member from AD Group: multiple users can be deleted now.
  • New file size limit for Set User’s Photo in AD is 100 KB.
  • Download Documents to Folder can download folders only using the CAML filter.
  • Update Word Document: works for all content-controls with the same name.
  • Convert Image to PDF: file type check added for the original image.
  • Grant Permission new parameter RunImmediately to apply changes before completion of the workflow.
  • Get user’s manager from Active Directory: fix for scenario when a manager isn’t specified.
  • Resize Image: fix for overwriting the original file after processing.
  • Terminate SharePoint 2013 Workflow fixed.
  • Copy or Move Document: fix for managing file versions created by a deleted user.
  • New logs for Get Active Directory Groups where User is Member, Wait workflow to complete by name and Active Directory authentication.
  • Print Document: ArgumentNullException error fixed.

Version 2.13 - released on September 27, 2018

New actions and conditions added:

  • Convert Image to PDF converts multi-paged TIFF files to PDF file.
  • If SharePoint Site Exists
  • Get Special List Item Url at Url
  • Set Permissions
  • Change SharePoint Group Settings
  • Change Active Directory Group Settings

Other updates and improvements:

  • New parameter in Convert Document added - output folder.
  • Copy InfoPath Attachments to Document Library can now use Current Item: Encoded Absolute Url as a target folder.
  • New options available in Get Site Property action: Primary Site Collection Administrator, Secondary Site Collection Administrator and Site Collection Administrators.
  • Add/Remove Member from Active Directory Group now can add and delete mail contacts in Active Directory groups.
  • Grant permission: new parameter Run Immediately.
  • Copy Document To List Item Attachment works on behalf of the Current User now.
  • Aggregation function now supports calculated fields.
  • All workflow history entries are saved now in ULS-logs, too.

Version 2.12 - released on April 11, 2018

New actions added:

  • Loop Through and Update List Items: new activity enables easier looping through list items specified by CAML and update item fields in bulk.
  • Send E-mail with Word Document as a Body: now you can create advanced emails from DOCX documents: attractive text formatting, embedded images, tables, and all other features supported by Microsoft Word. Also you can specify URLs to the files to be attached to this message.
  • Get Working Time Between Dates: this new action can calculate working days or hours between dates using SharePoint Regional settings and the specified Work Week.
  • Get the Number of Versions of a List Item: action added by user request helps to check if there were previous versions of the item and its quantity.
Other updates and improvements:
  • Improved resource handling for Send Email actions while sending huge number of messages simultaneously.
  • Receive Email to List POP3/IMAP: new parameter added to specify the exact number of messages to download if needed.
  • Send email: external Image URL can be used now.
  • Receive IMAP action can check all supported authentication methods and use them sequentially.
  • Excel Set Cell Value: correct date values can be used if the cell format is set to Date or Time.
  • Set Excel Cell Value action: Invalid Cell Type error fixed in cases when user sets Null as a spreadsheet cell value.
  • Get Field Value at Url: fix for getting a field value from item`s version history.
  • Remove User from SharePoint Group now supports deleting several users at once.
  • Set Attribute in Active Directory: comma symbol is now supported in Common Name (cn) attribute.
  • RSS SharePoint workflow actions now use default PROXY server settings from your system.
  • Wait Until File Unlocked: new parameter WaitInterval for workflows that require a very long execution time.

Version 2.11 - released on December 11, 2017

New activities added:

  • Find Group in Active Directory workflow action finds a SharePoint group in Active Directory and store the user's logon name in the output variable.
  • If SharePoint Group Exists workflow condition checks if the specified SharePoint group exists.
  • Update Recurring Exchange Calendar Item has been added to the list of Exchange activities.

Updates and improvements:

  • SharePoint workflow activities for sending e-mails messages now supports embedding image files using [img] tags.
  • Using improved methods of converting rich text field into DOCX document, it is now possible to use advanced text formatting. For example: using Update Word Document action you can set up an online survey form using different text colors in the input fields. Now a generated Microsoft Word document with survey results will have all text formatting settings saved in it.
  • Starting in version 2.11 of HarePoint Workflow Extensions, Office activities can work with XLSX documents directly without using Excel Web Services.
  • New Scope parameter added to the Find List Item by Caml action with the following options:
    • only files - finds files only in the specified list/library or specified folder.
    • files and subfolders - finds files and subfolders only in the specified list/library or specified folder.
    • all files recursively - (default) finds files in the current folder and all its subfolders.
    • all files and subfolders recursively - finds files and subfolders in the current folder and all its subfolders.
  • Copy or Move Document and Copy or Move Folder actions: new options added for scenarios when error occurred during workflow execution.
    • Stop Workflow - set by default
    • Skip Document - and copy next ones
    • Skip invalid metadata - as example: task assigned to a user that not exist
  • Copy List Item at Url updated.
    • This workflow action can now copy item version history
    • Fixed error when List Item Url specified as Target List Url
    • Fixed copying `Modified By` field
  • User Principal Name parameter added to Create User in Active Directory action. This allow generating longer login names (UPN) up to 64 symbols.
  • SSL set by default in Email Workflow activities to comply with actual security requirements.
  • Get Field Value at Url fixed: empty string or 0 will be used in case the specified field value is empty.
  • Create List Item at Url: spaces in path and URL trailing slash support added.
  • OpenXML Libraries updated to the latest version for better handling of DOCX and XLSX files.

Version 2.10 - released on August 28, 2017

New activity added: Get Site Property.

  • Update List Item on Different Farm action now can change specified list item content type.
  • New options added to Set Date Constant action: Beginning of last week, End of last week, Beginning of last month, End of last month, Beginning of last year, End of last year.
  • Action Create SharePoint Site Collection now supports custom site templates located on any site of site collection.
  • Action Create SharePoint Site Collection now automatically activates site features of custom site template.
  • IMAP related workflow activities now support explicit SSL.
  • Create List Item at Url now can create multiple items at once using XML syntax.
  • Create List Item at Url action now supports checkboxes with multi-select.
  • Action Create List Item at Url has been updated to avoid On Create workflow launch before all item properties are filled.
  • Feature activation in Create Site action has been fixed.
  • Bug in Find Interval Between Dates action has been fixed.
  • Bug in Create List Item and Create List Item on Different Farm actions has been fixed.
  • Bug in Download Documents to Folder action has been fixed.
  • Bug in Convert Text Case Action when using Title Case has been fixed.

Version 2.9 - released on May 23, 2017

New activities added:

Updates and improvements:

  • Read Word Document action can now be configured to continue a workflow if the specified content control field was not found.
  • Get Office Document Property and Set Office Document Property actions now have new properties available: Time Created and Time Modified.
  • Replace Text in Word Document action was updated. Now you can choose not to create a new document version.
  • The error in the Replace Text in Word Document action is corrected and the document now is fully compatible with Apache OpenOffice.

Version 2.8 - released on March 13, 2017

New activities added:

Updates and improvements:

  • Change in the algorithm of the Is current item checked out action.
  • The Copy/Move Document action now can check access rights to avoid a false message that a file does not exist.
  • The Copy/Move Document action copies .aspx documents along with web parts and their settings.
  • Improvement in Receive Email To List: if the message received does not have a Text Body, then instead of that text, the HTML Body is converted into plain text.
  • Add Users to SharePoint Group now supports group arrays, for bulk addition of users into several groups.
  • Update Picture In Word Document now supports links to graphic image files by absolute URL.
  • The Get Multi Value Field action correctly process requests when the value obtained is a User which has been deleted from the site.
  • Compatibility issues with SharePoint Foundation resolved.

Version 2.7 - released on January 10, 2017

New activities added:

  • 10 actions in a new category "Taxonomy"
  • Create Host Named Site Collection

Updates and improvements:

  • Now you can encrypt the SQL Connection String.
  • Copy/Move Document actions now preserves creation and modification date as well as author and last modified person.
  • Add/Remove Member from Active Directory Group now can add or remove user from multiple groups.
  • Send Email action now supports Follow-Up and Reminder messages.
  • Download Documents to Folder action now supports CAML.
  • Get Office Document Property now supports custom properties.
  • Better handling of long-running PowerShell scripts.
  • Multiple bugfixes in a lot of actions.

Version 2.6 - released on June 27, 2016

Added support for SharePoint 2016 (2010 workflow engine).

New activities added:

  • Get Multi-Valued Field Value at Url
  • Create List Items from Array
  • Create Document From Content Type Template
  • Get PDF Document Property
  • Get Workflow Template Id

Updates and improvements:

  • Create List Item at Url now has the parameter content type.
  • New parameter in Copy or Move Folder to allow copying of the folder itself along with all files (previously just files).
  • Option to copy a network document using the Copy or Move Folder activity.
  • Fixed bug triggering with coding of document names in SaveInfoPathAttachToDocLib.
  • Fixed copying of columns with users to other site collections in Copy List Item at URL activity.
  • Fixed processing of enumerated and selected lists in Read Word Document and Read Word Document To Text activities.
  • Fixed Change Active Directory Account Settings activity for option to change password on next logon.
  • Fixed Execute Powershell activity for the $Context.SetWorkflowVariable activity.

Version 2.5 - released on March 15, 2016

New activities added:

  • Set PDF Document Properties
  • Extract Users from SharePoint Group to List
  • Get Formsite Form Results

Updates and improvements:

  • Convert Text Case: exclusion for names such as McDonald, McDowell and for Roman numerals
  • Execute PowerShell: the lifetime of the .net remoting object has been increased
  • Create SharePoint Site: logging operation execution expanded
  • Create/Update List Item: option to use fields of types choice and checkbox
  • Get user`s manager from AD: option added to get managers of AD groups
  • Add Member to AD Group: added option to add users from trusted domains
  • other corrections in component functionality

Version 2.4 - released November 24, 2015

New conditions added:

  • Is File Locked (HarePoint)
  • Is Permission Inheritance Set (HarePoint)

New actions added: Wait Until File Is Unlocked.

Updates and improvements:

  • Error corrected in functioning of Resize image activity
  • Updated activity, Update List Item at Url, which now has the option to create a new version of an element in a list or not to create one
  • Create SharePoint Group activity now checks input parameters
  • Error in Copy/Move Document action when copying fields of URL type corrected
  • The Permissions group of activities can now work with arrays
  • The Get Interval Between Dates activity has an added parameter: exclude holidays from iCalendar file at this URL
  • Convert InfoPath Form activity modified as well as Save to Document Library, both now allow choice of “View”
  • Document Conversion errors corrected
  • Other minor corrections in component functionality

Version 2.3 - released on July 15, 2015

New SharePoint workflow actions added:

  • 7 new actions to work with MailChimp email marketing service has been added
  • Add New Row into Excel Document
  • Set OAuth Authentication
  • Send HTTP OAuth Request
  • Set Master Page
  • Copy List Item Attachments to Document Library (advanced)

Updated and improved SharePoint workflow activities:

  • Start Workflow action now can launch multiple workflows specified by array of URLs
  • New condition "If List Exists (HarePoint)" has been added
  • Now taxonomy field can be updated by specifying term id
  • Receive POP3/IMAP email action has been updated to save emails under workflow initiator, instead of System Account
  • Twitter actions has been updated to utilize new API
  • Action "Update Word Document" has been updated to support HTML tables
  • Option to specify SharePoint site has been added into "Create List" action
  • Action "Add Member to Active Directory Group" now supports multiple users separated by semicolon
  • Action "Copy or Move Folder" has been updated to support filter by content type
  • Action "Copy or Move Document" now supports multiple destinations, specified by array of URLs
  • Action "Copy List Item Attachments" has been updated with option to append unique id to the target file name
  • Action "Copy or Move Folder" has been updated with option to trigger or do not trigger events
  • Create Site Collection action now supports custom .wsp templates

Version 2.2 - released on March 16, 2015

New SharePoint workflow actions added:

  • Create Document Set in the Document Library
  • Change SharePoint Group Owner
  • Add Custom Headers To E-mail
  • Set SharePoint Site Navigation Options -Get Workflow Task Property
  • Update Workflow Task at Url
  • Receive All E-Mails to List from IMAP Server
  • Receive E-Mail from IMAP Server
  • Action "Receive E-Mail" has been renamed to "Receive E-Mail from POP3 Server"
  • Action "Receive All E-Mail to List" has been renamed to "Receive All E-mails to List from POP3 Server"
  • Action "Set PDF Watermark Options" has been renamed to "Insert Watermark into PDF Before Printing"
  • New action "Set PDF Watermark Options" has been added to Document Library category
  • New action "Add Watermark To PDF Document" has been added

Updated and improved SharePoint workflow activities:

  • Copy List Item at Url action now can process arrays or URLs
  • New option "trigger events" has been added to "Set SMP properties" action
  • New option "Show on Quick Launch" has been added to "Create List" action
  • Action "Convert InfoPath Form and Save to Document Library" now uses workflow initiator user account to save converted document
  • New option that allows search of users in a trusted AD forest has been added to the "Set Active Directory Authentication" action
  • Action "Receive All E-mails to List from POP3 Server" has been updated to avoid an excessive number of entries in workflow history log
  • Action "Create List Item at URL" has been updated to allow setting of the value of a lookup field
  • New option "account expires" has been added to the "Change Active Directory Account Settings" action
  • A new parameter that indicates whether a new SharePoint site was created has been added to the "Create SharePoint Site" action

Version 2.1 - released on October 2, 2014

New SharePoint workflow actions added:

  • Create Site Column
  • Create Content Type
  • Add Existing Column to Content Type
  • Set Content Type Document Template
  • Create Mail Contact in Active Directory
  • Get XMP Property
  • Set XMP Property
  • Evaluate Mathematical Expression

Updated and improved SharePoint workflow activities:

  • Update List Item at URL action can process multiple items now
  • a new option Impersonate has been added to the Set EWS Options action
  • Create List Item at Url and Update List Item at Url actions support managed metadata now
  • Copy Document to list item attachment activity allows copying of multiple documents

Version 2.0 - released on June 26, 2014

New SharePoint workflow actions added:

  • Eight activities have been added to the new Social category: Publish Message to Yammer, Create Group in Yammer, Update Group in Yammer, Invite User to Yammer, Get User's Property from Yammer, Set User's Property in Yammer, Create User in Yammer, and Delete User from Yammer.
  • New activity: Create link to document has been added.
  • New activity: Set PDF Watermark Options has been added.
  • New action, Publish to Social Media via dlvr.it (post to Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.).

Updated and improved SharePoint actions and activities:

  • Create List Item at Url and Update List Item at Url now support managed metadata.
  • Now you can Execute PowerShell scripts under specified user accounts (using Set Encrypted Credentials).
  • Copy List Item at Url now supports calendar items.
  • Fixed operation of previously errant activities running after Pause until Date.
  • Copy List Item Attachments to Document Library now supports sub-folders in document libraries.
  • Update Word Document now can change the value of checkboxes.
  • Create and Update List Item at Url actions now support hyperlink fields.
  • Deployment of printing and document conversion service applications has been updated to restart some SharePoint services during the upgrade.
  • Set Regex Options now supports impersonation step.
  • Compatibility level option has been added to Create Site Collection action.
  • Support for custom URL tokens (eg. ~site, ~list) has been added to Get List Item Url action.

Version 1.8 - released on February 12, 2014

New SharePoint workflow actions added:

  • Convert InfoPath Form and Save to Document Library
  • Local User Account on Server
  • Set Local User’s Password on Server
  • Delete Local User Account from Server
  • Get Interval Between Dates
  • Add New Row to Word Document
  • Update Picture in Word Document

Updated and improved SharePoint actions and activities:

  • The new variable List Item Version was added to Get List Item Url and Get Field Value actions. Now workflow can check whether any of the List Items fields have been updated.
  • Set User’s Photo in SharePoint action now works both with User Information List and User Profile Service.
  • Workflow actions can work with Excel files using https connection.
  • Execute PowerShell compatible with SharePoint 2013 now.
  • Calculate Aggregation Function now able to work recursively with all List Items.
  • Rich text (HTML) support added to Update Word Document action.

Version 1.7 - released on April 5, 2013

Support for Microsoft SharePoint 2013 has been added.

New Workflow Actions added:

  • Document Library: Copy Document to List Item Attachment
  • Network: Set Exchange Web Service Options
  • Email: Send Meeting Request

Version 1.6 - released on November 15, 2012

New Workflow Actions added:

  • Find User in Active Directory by Query
  • Build String from List
  • Set user’s Password in Active Directory
  • Execute SQL Command into List
  • Evaluate Due Date
  • Copy or Move Document to Different Farm
  • Set Target Site Options
  • Delete File from FTP Server
  • Delete Directory from FTP Server
  • Set Default Content Type on List
  • Remove Content Type from List
  • Add Content Type to List
  • Copy List Item to Different Farm
  • Copy List Item at Url
  • Find List Item by CAML on Different Farm
  • Find List Item on Different Farm
  • Delete Item on Different Farm
  • Update List Item on Different Farm
  • Create List Item on Different Farm
  • Convert Text Case
  • Set User's Photo in SharePoint
  • Set User's Photo in Active Directory
  • Send E-Mail with Multiple Attachments
  • Print Document
  • Set Printing Options

Version 1.5 - released on March 27, 2012

New Workflow Actions added:

  • Send E-Mail without Attachments
  • Send E-Mail with InfoPath Attachments
  • Convert HTML To Text
  • Get Document Content
  • Get List Item Attachment Content
  • Copy InfoPath Attachments to Document Library
  • Download InfoPath Attachments to Folder
  • Remove InfoPath Attachments
  • Create List
  • Set HTTP Request Options
  • Set Encrypted Passwords

Updated Workflow Actions:

  • Receive Email
  • Set SMTP Server Options
  • Find List Item at Url

New tool Encrypt Credentials to specify login and password in encrypted form.

Version 1.4 - released on November 23, 2011

New Workflow Actions added:

  • Convert Number to Text
  • Find List Item at Url
  • Find List Item by CAML
  • Receive All E-Mails to List
  • Save E-Mail Attachments to List Item
  • Get E-Mail Property
  • Set Network File Access
  • Execute PowerShell Script

Updated Workflow Actions:Receive E-Mail.

Version 1.3 - released on September 21, 2011

  • All activities from Document Library and Office categories can be used with any type of SharePoint list as well as with document libraries
  • Some Document Library activities have been redesigned to extend their scope of operations
  • new features for activities in Workflow category have been added
  • the feature to choose 'whether to trigger update/create event' has been added

Version 1.2 — released on July 21, 2011

  • More than 30 new workflow actions in 4 new categories have been added.
  • All activities from "Date and Time" category are free for usage.

Version 1.1 — released on May 19, 2011

First public version of the product has been released.

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