Full list of workflow activities in HarePoint Workflow Extensions

Workflow action category Category description Number of actions and conditions
Active Directory SharePoint workflow actions and workflow conditions for managing Active Directory users and groups. 34
Administration Set of activities to administrate SharePoint sites and site collections. 33
Arrays Free Workflow actions used to operate with array variables. 10
Date and Time Free SharePoint workflow actions used to convert, calculate, set and read time and date. 8
Development Workflow actions used to execute custom code, PowerShell Script and SQL Command. 8
Document Conversion A set of workflow actions to convert documents and document libraries. 7
Document Library Workflow activities that operate with documents in SharePoint document libraries. 29
Email SharePoint workflow activities for sending or receiving documents by e-mail, list item attachments, and files. 19
Exchange SharePoint workflow actions to work with Microsoft Exchange mail items such as calendar items. 9
Images Workflow actions for image processing, conversion and resizing. 16
Lists New actions for Lists and List Items usage in custom workflows.
Network Activities which enable work with XMPP protocol, FTP servers, HTTP POST and GET, RSS feeds. 21
Office Workflow activities to create, read and edit Microsoft Office documents. 19
Permissions SharePoint workflow activities used to grant or delete permissions and to change permissions inheritance. 17
Printing Workflow activities to print documents directly from SharePoint workflows. 2
Social Activities for social networks: Yammer, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social networks. 17
Strings Free Activities for string operations: join, split, replace, convert text and more. 21
Taxonomy The workflow activities from this category allows create and manage terms, groups and term sets in SharePoint Taxonomy Term Store. 10
Workflow Actions used to start and terminate Workflow, get their status, and wait until a given workflow is completed. 14
Total number of actions and activities: 346
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