HarePoint Analytics for SharePoint comparison with SharePoint built-in statistics

SharePoint Analytics Reporting Features

SharePoint 2007 SharePoint 2010 HarePoint Analytics for SharePoint
Time interval 31 days/13 months up to 25 months Unlimited/Managed
Report access management Only administrators
Data access management
Flexible filtration
Chart customization
Grid customization
Connection between reports
Custom dashboards
Farm perfomance reports
Visitor Segmentation
By Active Directory attributes
By SharePoint users profiles
By IIS roles
Data aggregation levels
Site collection
Site and Subsites * SharePoint 2010 only
Site only
Data Collection
Data collection filters
Active Directory integration
Document access via Microsoft Office
Document access via Microsoft Office Web Apps * SharePoint 2010 only
Data Export
Export to Excel
Export to PDF
Export to Web Part
Comfort and flexibility of export
Subscription and Email distribution

Site & Site Collection Reports

SharePoint 2007 SharePoint 2010 HarePoint Analytics for SharePoint
Visits & Visitors
Site summary
Visits trend
Visits by hours
Length of visits
Depth of visits
Navigation details
Users activity
User info
Visits by Active Directory department
Visits by SharePoint department
Visits by role
Visits by countries
Content & Traffic
Content popularity
Landing pages
Not used pages
Exit pages
Traffic sources
Document libraries summary
Document libraries usage
Document usage overview
Document unique events overview
Document growth trends
Document usage
Document unique events
Document popularity
Not used documents
Documents by site
Documents by Active Directory departments
Documents by SharePoint departments
Documents by roles
Documents by type
Documents by users
Documents by Active Directory groups
Documents by SharePoint groups
Documents size by type
List items
Lists summary
Lists growth trends
List items usage overview
List items usage
List items popularity
List items by Active Directory departments
List items by SharePoint departments
List items by roles
List items by users
List items by Active Directory groups
List items by SharePoint groups
Search overview
Search keywords
Best Bets Suggestions
Users search
Search destination

Central Administration Reports

SharePoint 2007 SharePoint 2010 HarePoint Analytics for SharePoint
Visits & Visitors
Site collection summary
Documents by site collections
List items
Lists by site collections
Database size overview
Database size growth
CPU usage
Memory usage
Disk usage
Network usage
IIS usage
SQL usage
CPU by hours
Memory by hours
Application pools summary
Processes summary

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