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Practical and effective analytics solution for sites based on SharePoint Online. Get the complete insights and usage analytics to drive your productivity and optimize employee engagement.

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HarePoint Analytics for SharePoint Online version history

Version 1.3.4 Build 56 - released on December 13, 2022
  • New features:
    1. Custom events tracking.
    2. PnP Modern Search Web Part support.
    3. Accelerated data collection for huge environments.
  • Power BI updates:
    1. New report: Custom Events.
    2. New report: Sync Activity.
    3. New report: Visitor Geography.
    4. New report: Device Usage.
  • Client Portal updates:
    1. Some improvements for the standard reports.
    2. Minor bugfixes.
Version 1.3.2 Build 55 - released on July 22, 2022
  • New feature: data collection from custom metadata fields.
  • New definitions for 'SharePoint user' concept. There are 4 various types of users now:
    1. 'Tenant User' - an ordinary user in the tenant.
    2. 'External Guest' - a user invited from another tenant.
    3. 'Email Guest' - a user that get an access to the specified resource (for example - to folder) via his email.
    4. 'Anonymous' - an anonymous user that get an access via given link.

    The product reports have been improved with this new specification.

  • The 'Bounce Rate' report has been re-designed to provide more correct data.
  • The instant support chat widget has been added to the Administration Area and Documentation portal.
  • IMPORTANT NOTICE for the current users of the product: it's possible to register additional app for your tenant. It assists to avoid a throttling from Microsoft side related with limits for Microsoft API usage.
Version 1.3.1 Build 54 — released on June 14, 2022

New feature: data collection filters, for cases when usage data is required only for specific sites and site collections in a SharePoint Online tenant.

Version 1.3 Build 50 — released on March 22, 2022
  • New report: User Details
  • New report: Custom Attributes
  • Search and Search Details reports have been improved
  • Client Portal UI has been significantly improved
Version 1.2 Build 48 — released on February 2, 2022
  • Client Portal updates:
    1. The User Custom Action Deployment Report has been enhanced. It's possible now to check sites with successfully deployed scripts and also get details if any deployment issues occur.
    2. The Data Access Account creation and management processes have been improved.
    3. The Data Processing Status page has been improved: the progress bar becomes more informative now.
    4. The Notification page has been improved.
  • Data collection updates:
    1. User Flow data can be collected now. Next update of the product will provide corresponding reports.
    2. Search queries data collection has been improved.
  • Power BI updates:
    1. New report: Document Libraries and Lists Summary
    2. New report: Document Libraries and List Details
    3. All reports contains List, List Items or Document Libraries data have been totally redesigned.
    4. The Date Hierarchy can be used in custom reports now.
Version 1.1 Build 41 — released on October 26, 2021
  • Obfuscating data feature in reports has been added.
  • Newly added Drillthough feature in Search report provides details regarding explored search query.
  • The process of data uploading to the Power Bi app has been extremely optimized.
Version 1.0 — released on August 16, 2021

The official release of the feature-complete public version of the product.

Release Candidate — scheduled on March 22, 2021

Feature-complete version under the final tests.

Beta Version — released on December 15, 2020

First public version of the product has been released.

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