HarePoint Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for SharePoint On-Premises

HarePoint Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for SharePoint On-Premises

Secure user access to SharePoint portals and sites with efficient and reliable two-factor authentication (2FA) solution.


What is multi-factor authentication?

Unlike the familiar one-form authentication, where a user accesses a resource or content just using login and password, multi-factor authentication (also known as Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) adds another layer of security. Basically, it's a kind of independent confirmation of access based on a third-party service: a code sent by SMS or email, special apps or token devices). You can review a brief article with more details about Multi-Factor Authentication.

Reasons to use HarePoint MFA in your SharePoint environment

Prevent data leaking

MFA deployed in your SharePoint is an effective instrument for prevention of data theft or leakage (DLP). Restriction of unauthorized access is a proven method to keep your content safe.

Identity assurance

Minimize negative 'human' factors such as unauthorized usage of peeped or carelessly stored user passwords/logins. Activation of two-factor authentication stops the accidental or malicious access to your sensitive data.

A range of available authentication factors

The product offers a choice of the most in-demand and reliable 'two-factor' authentication methods for your convenience:

  • Google / Microsoft authenticator apps
  • One-time authorization codes (OTAC) via e-mail or SMS
More MFA methods will be added soon. If the method you need is not listed, just send as a request.

For intranet and extranet sites

HarePoint Multi-Factor Authentication for SharePoint can be used in on-premises environment only. It supports both intranet and internet (public faced) web-sites.

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