HarePoint Workflow Manager Extensions for SharePoint 2016 / 2013 versions history

Version 1.2.23082 - released on March 23, 2023

OAuth 2.0 authorization was added in Email workflow actions.

Version 1.2.23053 released on February 22, 2023

New workflow actions:

Other updates:

  • E-mail actions now expand the recipients from SharePoint groups
  • New option (all/last occurrence) has been added into Update Word Document actions
  • SFTP (SSH) protocol is now available for FTP workflow actions
  • Fixed support of lookup fields in Execute SQL Command into List

Version 1.1.21357 released on December 23, 2021

New workflow actions:

  • Get Word Document Page Count
  • Update Multiple Fields in Word Document
  • Replace External Hyperlink in Word Document

Bugfix in Add Digital signature action

Version 1.0.21260 released on September 17, 2021

Version 1.0.20198 released on July 17, 2020

New workflow actions:

  • Add Digital Signature
  • Sign PDF Document

Version 1.0.20140 released on May 19, 2020

New actions to edit PDF files using SharePoint workflows:

  • Add Image Watermark to PDF
  • Add PDF Letterhead
  • Add Text Watermark to PDF
  • Merge PDF Documents
  • Split PDF Documents

Version 1.0.20108 released on April 17, 2020

New workflow actions:

  • Delete Entire SharePoint List at Url
  • Set E-mail Delivery and Processing Options
  • Execute PowerShell Script
  • Get Document Lock Status
  • Add Watermark to Word Document
  • Download Documents from FTP Folder
  • Download Document from FTP Server
  • Upload Documents to FTP Folder

Other updates:

  • Macros support added for the set of Send E-Mail actions
  • Get/Set EXIF Property from Image action has been updated with support of new formats and properties
  • Performance improvements and bug fixes in Copy or Move Document
  • Performance improvements and bug fixes in Copy Folder Structure
  • Fixes in the Permissions action set
  • FTP related actions now use FluentFTP library

Version 1.0.18267 released on September 14, 2018

  • Get List Item Url: new option to get item folder in different formats.
  • Start Workflow: fix for site workflows.
  • Copy Folder Structure performance improved.

Version 1.0.18166 released on May 28, 2018

New actions added:

Other updates: Receive All E-mails to List: attachment management fix.

Version 1.0.18131 released on April 19, 2018

New actions added:

Other updates and improvements:

  • Receive All E-mails to List new option to set the maximum number of messages to be downloaded.
  • Create User in Active Directory: new option to set principal name.

Version 1.0.18068 released on February 16, 2018

New actions added to the Social category:

  • 7 actions to work with MailChimp.
  • 8 actions for Yammer

And 14 new Network actions to work with HTTP/FTP/etc.

Other updates and improvements:

  • Send Twitter Message is now compatible with the latest Twitter API.
  • Send e-mail actions: embedded images support added.

Version 1.0.17 released on November 1, 2017

Version 1.0 released on November 1, 2016

First public release.

Beta-version released on January 18, 2016

The beta-version of the product has been released.

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