HarePoint Workflow Extensions for Office 365

HarePoint Workflow Extensions for Office 365

HarePoint Workflow Extensions
for Office 365

Automate any business process in SharePoint Online
easily and without coding!

The right workflow solution for Office 365

Resize uploaded images or integrate multiple cloud services - HarePoint Workflow Extensions can meet all your needs in Office 365, regardless of complexity.

The largest set of workflow activities

We have more than 230 actions now and more will be added in upcoming versions of the product; user feedback is a vital factor in development of new actions.

True cloud-based solution

Get the product that is truly created for cloud environments and delivery of the benefits you expect: auto-scaling, load-balancing and zero downtime updates.

No learning curve!

High-powered actions are available right inside your SharePoint Designer, so you and your power users can build workflows that you had never dreamed of before inside a familiar environment.

Authentication as it was meant to be

The product enables token-based as well as encrypted login/password authentication for internal or external resources and services.

5 minutes from decision to starting

Just add the app, follow a simple deployment wizard and start creating advanced workflows.

Take a look inside HarePoint Workflow Extensions for Office 365

  • Workflow Extension doe Office 365 in SharePoint Designer


    Office 365 Workflow Extensions Actions in Microsoft SharePoint Designer

    More than 230 workflow actions in 20 different categories included in the HarePoint Workflow Extensions for Office 365 allow you to realize any scenario in your workflow without coding - you just need to take the appropriate actions and setup values.

  • HarePoint Workflow Designer
    The smart way to build workflows with HarePoint Workflow Extensions for Office 365

    This way is using of HarePoint Workflow Designer is a great, easy to use tool with clear visual editor that allows you to build workflows directly in your browser. It perfectly compliments HarePoint Workflow Extensions, it works with all standard things (SPD, built-in activities) and it's TOTALLY FREEWARE.

  • Account in Workflow Extensions for Office 365


    HarePoint Workflow Extensions for Office 365 Account Home Page

    This dashboard provides general information about product utilization: applied subscription plan and period, usage statistics and other account details.

  • Current status of Site Collection in HarePoint Workflow Extensions
    Current Site Collection Status - Usage Chart

    The handy usage charts easily illustrate the utilization of HarePoint Workflow Extensions activities for the specified Site Collection.

  • Maintenance area in Workflow Extensions for Office 365
    Maintenance Page that handles Workflow Actions Deployment and Upgrade

    The solution contains intelligent Maintenance section that allows to perform all operations with HarePoint Workflow Extensions like installation, upgrading, changing easily and clearly.

  • Solution upgrade progress in Workflow Extensions for SharePoint Online
    HarePoint Extensions for Office 365 Workflow Actions Upgrade in Progress

    Smart wizards in the solution provide detailed information about all steps of running operations.


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