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HarePoint Analytics for SharePoint Online

Current version: 1.1 Build 41, released on 10/26/2021

HarePoint Analytics for SharePoint Online is a powerful tool to analyze the users behavior on SharePoint portals using all power of Power BI

HarePoint Analytics for SharePoint

Current version: 16.12 / 15.17, released on 03/28/2022 (69730 KB)

HarePoint Analytics for SharePoint is a solution for collecting and analyzing data about the usage of the sites, site collections and entire Farm for SharePoint on-premises product family.

HarePoint Multi-Factor Authentication

Current version: 1.3.22095, released on 04/05/2022 (7674 KB)

Secure user access to SharePoint portals and sites with efficient and reliable multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution. MFA deployed in your SharePoint is an effective instrument for prevention of data theft or leakage (DLP). Restriction of unauthorized access is a proven method to keep your content safe. For SharePoint On-Premises.

HarePoint HelpDesk for SharePoint

Current version: 16.9, released on 12/28/2020

HarePoint Help Desk is a ready-made customer support system for internet and intranet sites based on the SharePoint platform. This solution allows you to create an efficient system for processing incoming support requests.

HarePoint Workflow Extensions for SharePoint

Current version: 2.20.4174, released on 06/07/2022 (120545 KB)

More than 350 new "ready-to-use" activities for SharePoint workflow authoring using the SharePoint 2010 workflow engine. The actions appear and can be used exactly like basic activities in SharePoint Designer, Microsoft Visio, and Microsoft Visual Studio.

HarePoint Workflow Manager Extensions for SharePoint 2016 / 2013

Current version: 1.1.21357, released on 12/23/2021

Get more power and freedom developing workflows for SharePoint 2016 and SharePoint 2013 workflow platform with a help of HarePoint Workflow Manager Extensions.

HarePoint Workflow Extensions for Office 365

Current version: 1.1.21357, released on 12/23/2021

Automate any business process in SharePoint Online easily and without coding!

HarePoint Workflow Monitor

Current version: 1.3.3225, released on 10/31/2019 (36648 KB)

HarePoint Workflow Monitor is an efficient tool for monitoring workflow states in a SharePoint environment. The product displays all active workflow instances or workflow associations for any scope, e.g. the whole farm, a specific web application, site collection, site, or list.

HarePoint Workflow Scheduler

Current version: 1.8.4080, released on 03/04/2022 (2838 KB)

Workflow Scheduler is a free software product for SharePoint which helps to automate recurring business processes in a SharePoint portal. The product allows starting workflows manually and/or according to a schedule with specified parameters.

HarePoint Content and Workflow Migrator

Current version: 3.5.22025, released on 01/25/2022 (11675 KB)

An ideal tool for simple, quick, and error-free migration of SharePoint Content Types, Lists, Document libraries and the workflows between SharePoint sites as well as between SharePoint document libraries and the file system.

HarePoint Discussion Board for SharePoint

Current version: 1.2.2809, released on 10/23/2018 (4532 KB)

HarePoint Discussion Board provides an ideal opportunity for interaction and collaboration among your team members empowered by discussion threads and feeds that deliver the ‘social’ advantages to the workplace.

HarePoint Custom Alerts for SharePoint

Current version: 1.3.3918, released on 09/24/2021 (2152 KB)

HarePoint Custom Alerts is a must-have solution which enables the creation of all types of custom alerts and email notifications and their editing in SharePoint.

HarePoint Cloud Printing Apps for Office 365

HarePoint Cloud Printing apps allow printing from virtually any device using Google’s Cloud Print service in SharePoint or Outlook. Just add the printing device to your Google account and print the required items without the headache of connecting the printer to your tablet or another gadget. No additional configuration settings are required after the app is added.

HarePoint Thumbnails for SharePoint

Current version: 1.2.2371, released on 06/29/2017 (24353 KB)

HarePoint Thumbnails for SharePoint is a solution which lets you browse your documents and images in SharePoint libraries in the most convenient way.

HarePoint Active Directory Self Service

Current version: 1.6.3771, released on 04/29/2021 (2955 KB)

HarePoint Active Directory Self Service is a web part for SharePoint which allows users to manage and update their Active Directory profile.

HarePoint Password Change for Microsoft SharePoint

Current version: 1.6.3726, released on 03/15/2021 (3222 KB)

HarePoint Password Change for SharePoint allows end-users to change their own passwords in a SharePoint site and notify users when their passwords are about to expire.

HarePoint User Catalog for SharePoint

Current version: 1.3.871, released on 02/11/2015 (3322 KB)

HarePoint User Catalog is a web part that provides an easy to use way to display, navigate and search user information.

HarePoint Business Cards

Current version: 1.1.1305, released on 02/11/2015 (2455 KB)

HarePoint Business Cards is designed for publishing user contact information (cards) on site pages with data dynamically drawn from either the SharePoint or AD profile.

HarePoint Short URL for SharePoint

Current version: 1.0.1124, released on 02/11/2015 (1347 KB)

HarePoint Short URL allows users to create and use short, readable links in a SharePoint environment instead of long and unattractive ones.

HarePoint Explorer for Microsoft SharePoint

Current version: 2.2.1 (14797 KB)

HarePoint Explorer for SharePoint is a powerful SharePoint manager for developers. This tool saves significant time and provides great assistance in investigating SharePoint 2013, 2010, 2007 object models.

HarePoint Workflow Designer for SharePoint

Current version: 1.1.0

Free visual designer solution allows to create SharePoint workflows directly in your browser.

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