HarePoint Workflow Extensions videos - solution deployment, examples of workflows creation

Deployment HarePoint Workflow Extensions for Visio and Visual Studio

This video will guide you through all the steps of the deployment process for HarePoint Workflow Extensions for SharePoint. Product installation and installation of its client components for Microsoft Visio and Visual Studio will be illustrated as well. You will be familiarized with the setup wizard's operation, checking for successful installation and also learn how to create a simple test workflow to be sure that the product and client components have been installed properly.

Getting Started

Authoring a simple workflow with Microsoft Visio and SharePoint Designer; demonstration of the HarePoint Workflow Extensions toolbar in Microsoft Visual Studio. There is an example with simple workflow in Visio that checks all new calendar entries and, if a file is attached to an entry, sends it back by email to the user and his manager with a notification that will contains the explanation of the request denial. Then it removes the attachment from the entry in calendar.

Image Processing SharePoint Workflow

This video will demonstrate how to create a workflow that checks a file`s format when it is added to a document library, and if it is an uncompressed image, TIFF or BMP for instance, it is converted to JPG automatically. In addition to checking the file format and image conversion, this workflow obtains information about the model of camera used to take the photo and places that data in a special column in the document library.

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Generate and send Invoices

Here you will lean how to generate and send PDF files automatically using a SharePoint Workflow. An invoice is generated and sent as soon as a new item is added to the list. This workflow cannot be created using only the standard actions and conditions available in SharePoint, so we use actions from HarePoint Workflow Extensions for SharePoint.

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Generating invoices with the use of data from SQL database

In one of the previous videos, we showed you an example of generating invoices using data from SharePoint library. In this part we will demonstrate that you can also obtain data from an SQL database with the use of SharePoint Workflow Extensions for SharePoint.

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How to download and process XML file in SharePoint Workflow

In this video, we will create a SharePoint workflow that downloads data from an external XML source. As a data source, we will use an XML file hosted by the European Central Bank. This file contains current exchange rates relative to the Euro.

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How to print documents directly from SharePoint using HarePoint Workflow Extensions

Printing activities in HarePoint Workflow Extensions provide unique opportunity to print any required documents directly from SharePoint. These activities allow you to enhance your business processes providing the feature to print the documents and images automatically.

​​How to send out meeting reminders via Email using SharePoint Workflow

Sometimes, it is necessary to invite several persons to a meeting. Sometimes, this requirement arises often, and sometimes, with quite a certain periodicity or under certain conditions. In that case, it is possible to automatically perform some workflows. In this video, we consider the possibility of automatic mailing of invitations to the meeting by means of HarePoint Workflow Extensions.

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How to create invoices with a variable number of items using SharePoint Workflow

This video shows how to create an invoice with a variable number of items. Add New Row into Word Document action will add a copy of the last row in the Repeating Section Content Control. Then this new row will be edited with the Update Word Document action.

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How to publish News from RSS feeds in SharePoint

This video will show you how to get news from RSS feeds, publish them on the SharePoint website and how to run automatically workflows according to the schedule. We will create a workflow that retrieves news from RSS feeds and publishes them in one of the lists on the website.

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Sending automated emails using SharePoint workflow

Such workflow can automate a routine process of managing a Document Library, informing a user about new documents uploaded and providing quick access for editing, approval, etc.

Receive an email and send its contents to a SharePoint List

Step-by-step guide to configure a basic workflow that will retrieve an email and save its contents into a SharePoint List. Such workflow can automate a routine process of processing PO, invoices or any other data incoming from clients. This workflow will connect to the email server, check it for new messages, and create a new item in the SharePoint List using email properties and MIME body.

Resize image and edit EXIF metadata in SharePoint

This video shows how to resize images uploaded to SharePoint and edit EXIF metadata automatically. An image scaling workflow can save database space and decrease SharePoint environment maintenance costs. At the same time, updated image file properties can help to better organize content and to improve search results.

Create emails from Word document using SharePoint workflow

Using actions added by HarePoint Workflow Extensions for SharePoint we will create a workflow that creates emails from a Word document. It will create the Email Body from the file and attach the same file to the email and then send it to the specified recipients.

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