List of workflow activities in HarePoint Workflow Extensions for Office 365

Group of actions
Group description
in the group
Administration Set of actions to administrate SharePoint sites and site collections. 28
Cloud Print Actions to utilize Google Cloud Print technology that allows you to print over the web. 5
Conversion Action to convert document to different format. 1
Date and Time SharePoint workflow actions used to convert, calculate, set and read time and date.
Development Workflow actions used to execute SQL commands and perform XML queries.
Dictionary Actions that allow you to perform basic and advanced operations with dictionaries. 7
Document Library Workflow actions that operate with items in SharePoint Document Libraries. 16
E-Mail SharePoint workflow actions for sending, receiving or parsing e-mail messages. 13
Exchange Workflow actions to work with Exchange mail items such as calendar items. 5
Images Workflow actions for image processing, conversion and resizing.
Lists Set of actions to work with Lists, List Items and Content Types. 23
Network Actions to perform HTTP requests, work with FTP servers, query RSS feeds and more.
Office Workflow actions to create, read and edit Microsoft Office (Word and Excel) documents.
Permissions Workflow activities used to grant or delete permissions and to change permissions inheritance.
Social Set of actions to work with social networks like Yammer, Facebook, Twitter and other.
Strings Actions for string operations: join, split, replace, convert text and more.
Taxonomy Set of actions to work with managed metadata: create and modify terms, term sets and groups. 10
Workflow Actions used to start/terminate Workflows and get their statuses.

Total number of actions and activities:


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