System requirements

HarePoint Multi-Factor Authentication for SharePoint system requirements

HarePoint Multi-Factor Authentication is designed to operate in:

  • Microsoft SharePoint Server Subscription Edition;
  • Microsoft SharePoint Server 2019;
  • Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016;
  • Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013;
  • Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010.

(hereinafter referred to as SharePoint) environments.

HarePoint Multi-Factor Authentication requires the following SharePoint service applications to be installed and configured:

  • User Profile Service Application,
  • Secure Store Service (optional).

The Product supports following types of authentication:

  • Forms Based Authentication (FBA),
  • Trusted Identity Provider (e.g. ADFS).

Windows Authentication is not supported.

The Product has no special requirements to the operating system and its components, RAM memory space and CPU type. The Product can operate on any of the above mentioned SharePoint deployments.

No internet connection is required to use the authentication app as a second factor authentication method.

The internet connection is required if the SMS notification is selected as the second authentication method.

The following cloud SMS service providers are supported:

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