HarePoint Workflow Extensions for SharePoint​​ Testimonials

  • ​​Alan Arenz, Oconomowoc Residential Programs: We put a test version of the Extensions into our environment and then tested the base process. Once the base process was verified, we moved to purchase and implement the change. Based on our time studies we believe we will be saving about 5 man hours per week so the payback is within about 10 months of implementation. Learn more...​​
  • ​​Mike Crawford​, Kenai Peninsula Borough: With HarePoint, we can analyze and move data, update permissions and notify users seamlessly and easily. It has paid for itself many times over in increased functionality with all of our many SharePoint sites. Learn more...​​
  • ​​Joerg Knoerchen​, BCD Travel: We always reached the limits of SharePoint Designer custom workflows and used tweaks to achieve out goal, but that was and is time consuming and often a fragile solution. With HarePoint Workflow Externsion we could build more robust and reliable solutions in a third of time we usually would have spend. Learn more...​​
  • ​​Luis Velasquez​, KPMG: The product help us to solve a lot of in house devs with special funcionalities like Store Procedures Calls from workflows and other functions. Learn more...​​
  • ​​Christopher Cormier, AV Group: The Custom SQL command makes it very easy to do our database / .NET logic using stored procedures, essentially allowing the creation of any custom step we want. Learn more...​​
  • ​​Stéphane Bélanger, Velan inc.: We now have about 50 workflows running on thousands of instance of list items or documents. Without HarePoint, a lot of functionality would simply not be possible. Learn more...​​
  • ​​Steven Niedermeyer, City of Bellingham: We were looking for an inexpensive way to extend the standard SharePoint workflow actions in SharePoint Designer. Learn more...​​
  • ​​Tom Molskow, Senior SharePoint Architect: I was hired by a international Fortune 500 company to migrate a major enterprise level document management system from a proprietary legacy system to a SharePoint 2010 workflow solution. The customer needed many advanced workflow capabilities but was short on time and funding. Learn more...​​
  • ​​Banque de Commerce et de Placements SA: Workflows needed to manage documents and send them from a SharePoint farm to local and network drives. Learn more...​​
  • ​​Meagher & Geer PLLP law office: Gradual migrating from a custom intranet with workflows to SharePoint; determining whether SharePoint Foundation or SharePoint Server would be required to achieve the needed functionality. Learn more...​​​
  • ​​Blade-Tech: Automation of some business processes, specifically pertaining to shipping and invoicing. Learn more...​​​​​​

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