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HarePoint HelpDesk for SharePoint version history

Version 16.9 - released on December 28, 2020
  • Added: "Dashboard view" settings with 3 options:
    • Highlight the overdue tickets - shows a progress bar to the grid under "Due Date". Turning red when a Due Date is close.
    • Show priority as text - shows the priority in a grid under the icon as text.
    • Column Resize Mode - Changes the column width mode.
  • Added: "Notifications for hidden columns".
  • Added: "Configure cleanup of workflow history" in settings - added a "workflowhistory" (OFF by default) and "HHDSessions" (always ON) clean-up job.
  • Added: "Request Templates" in settings - The technician can select a template from the drop-down during ticket creation. Added a "TemplateId" option for the webpart.
  • Added: Each technician can edit their personal drop-down list of "Requests" ("Manage Requests" button in the ribbon)
  • Added: MobileDashboard. New mobile page at (_layouts/HarePoint/HelpDesk/Requests/RequestsMobile.aspx/). Available for both users and technicians.
  • Added: Link to a ticket grid in Reports Designer.
  • Added: Two checkboxes for turning off group notifications for "assign" and "user resolution" events.
  • Added: "Manage Signatures" option in settings
  • Added: Restriction for creation of duplicate tickets. HHD checks MD5 value of mailMessage.From + mailMessage.Subject + mailMessage.BodyHtml and restricts creation of a duplicate. The feature can be turned OFF in settings.
  • Added: Products can be combined in categories. Categories can be set in Product's properties allowing filtration by category.
  • Added: A checkbox to show/hide description in the category/product form.
  • Added: Ticket re-opening option. If it is allowed by the technician (check box is checked) the user can re-open a closed ticket. After re-opening a new ticket with the same title will be created. The new ticket will be marked by *. The new ticket will contain a spoiler with complete correspondence from the previously closed ticket. There is no limit to the number of times the ticket can be re-opened. All re-opened tickets will contain a spoiler with the full history of the conversation.
  • Added: Category change control for "Is Resolution".
  • Added: Contraction of the replies to the client's webpart.
  • Added: If E-mail comes to the closed ticket, the new ticket opens with the current ID in the "PreviousTicketId".
  • Added collapsing of the reply in the client’s webpart.
  • Ticket escalation in non-business hours. In the Configure auto-assigning of responsible Technician section of the settings, there is an option to assign a support group or a support technician for tickets created during non-working hours.
  • A signature field is added in the mobile version. It is possible to insert a signature in the reply field in the mobile version.
  • Hidden comments in PDF. Tickets with hidden comments can be exported to PDF.
  • Subscriptions are added for the new reports (similar to the older reports).


  • Corrected visualization of the ticket in the Firefox browser.
  • Comment scrolling in Internet Explorer 11.
  • New "GetUserEmailRecipientsFromPrincipals" is used in the creation of the list of recipients.
  • Category scroll for the Lookup tree.
  • Outbox - error in Sending Error macro.
  • Demo data is revised.
  • Incorrect image display in Firefox browser.
  • Empty profile image URL.
  • RE: is added in the subject when replying to the ticket by mail.
  • Auto Creation User bug.
  • Empty site collection creation bug.
  • Bug with "helpdesktitle" property.
  • Fixed pop-out icon on the quick-reply button.
  • Fixed the product category filter.
  • WebPart cancels the redirect. Fixed a bug with the redirect from the home screen.
  • Export to PDF: id Fixed a bug showing 0 as a user ID.
  • Export to PDF: Fixed GetUserImage.
  • Fixed PDF and Screen color mismatch.
Version - released on October 2, 2020

Added View, QA, links to the KB in the mobile version.

Version - released on August 19, 2020

A mobile dashboard for technicians was added.

Version 16.7.1 - released on May 6, 2020
  • New licensing options added.
  • Fixed SLA recalculation during reassignment of overdue tickets.
  • Fixed the bug resulting in report rendering data filtration error when the report is being generated during the SharePoint server high load time.
Version 16.6 - released on July 9, 2019
  • A feature that allows you to create personal set of views in the left panel has been added.
  • Drag-n-drop feature to insert images into the request has been added.
  • The issue with getting email address of the technicians to send a notification is fixed for cases where the technician is not added to the SharePoint group directly but from the AD group.
  • Filtered columns in the Request dashboard are highlighted now.
  • The reply text attached to the conversation by Outlook, HarePoint HelpDesk or marked with a tag «blockquote» are now collapsed.
  • It is now possible to attach multiple files to the message reply.
  • New column with the number of tasks assigned to the ticket is added and can be displayed in the dashboard.
  • Checkbox 'Don't notify technician about his/her own responses' has been added.
  • The bug with Report Designer crashing in some cases when incorrect parameters were assigned to the elements has been fixed.
  • The bug causing the Report Designer not to add further reports after the previous report has crashed has been fixed.
  • The bug related to creation of a folder for Report Designer reports using non-English characters has been fixed.
  • The bug occurring when sending a new ticket notification to technicians is fixed for the cases when the user’s account (user who created the ticket) lacks an email address.
  • The product setup wizard has been modified for compatibility with the SharePoint 2019.
Version 16.5 - released on July 23, 2018

New reporting feature in the Standard Edition of HarePoint HelpDesk - Reports Designer:

  • option to customize the reports using custom fields;
  • option to add charts (Bar, Stacked Bar, Line, Spline, Pie, Point) in the reports;
  • option to use a custom range to display data in the reports;
  • advanced permissions management for the reports access;
  • customizable Overview dashboard;
  • improved reports menu with grouping feature;
  • option to export data as PDF or Excel;
  • improved Date Range selection in the reports;
  • new parameters in the reports: First reply time, Wait resolution time - these parameters allow analysis of the time until the first reply to the ticket and to analyze the time over which the ticked was resolved;
  • option to use calculated fields in the report to display autosum, min, max and average figures for each column in the report;
  • set of 'ready-to-use' demo-reports. The reports system is pre-configured and can be used right after deployment;
  • new reporting engine with dedicated SQL database to display data quickly even for large data sets;
  • new opportunities for SLA reports: you can see tickets by criteria 'Overdue by response', 'Overdue by resolution', 'Escalated by response', and 'Escalated by resolution'.

New reporting features in the Basic Edition of HarePoint HelpDesk:

  • subscription to reports (available only in the Standard Edition earlier).

The complete overview of new reporting features is available in the article Reports Designer in HarePoint HelpDesk.

Version 16.4 - released on December 8, 2017
  • New feature: A possibility to hide the technician photo from the tickets viewing page is added.
  • New feature: A possibility to sort and filter the search results by the main fields is added.
  • New feature: It is now possible to change the number of search results displayed per page.
  • Visual changes: An icon “filter” is displayed now in the dashboard column title when a filter is applied for this column. This change made to point the attention of the technician when the filters are applied and some tickets are not displayed on the page.
  • New feature: HarePoint HelpDesk Diagnostics tool is added. This tool simplifies 'on the fly' monitoring, diagnostics and resolving of the main problems which may occur with the product installation or operation. It allows checking of the web.config modifications, collecting the necessary records from SharePoint ULS logs, verifying of the deployments and activation of the HelpDesk site features, timer jobs, resources etc. The tool allows generating the report file with all necessary diagnostics info to speed up the troubleshooting of the problem with HarePoint technical support team.
  • Fixed: the issue with assigning the task to several responsible.
  • Fixed: the issue with the request escalation - working hours settings for 2- 3- 4-th SLA escalation levels.
  • Fixed: the issue with due date settings.
  • Fixed: the issue with displaying of tree-based elements 'Product' and 'Category' in the editing form (the parent elements have not been displayed earlier, but the selected object only).
  • Fixed: the issue with the date 'Request Opened' in notification messages, it was specified incorrectly for the re-opened tickets.
Version 16.3 — released on August 1, 2017
  • New feature: a parser for incoming messages has been added, allowing the filling of query fields using text expressions.
  • New feature: a setting for various mandatory fields for different user groups. Previously Helpdesk automatically tool the mandatory fields from the list settings – then being the same for users and technicians. Now the settings can indicate differing mandatory fields for one group or another.
  • Fixed: issue with form settings (when a field was deleted from a list, the form continued to show it).
  • Fixed: issue with display of My Open or Unassigned (unwanted closed tickets were displayed).
  • Fixed: issue with module redirect when referencing a non-existent site collection fixed.
  • Fixed: issue with page layout (when using a comment with non-standard HTML – this affected the whole page layout including styles).
  • Fixed: issues in the installer (allowed skipping the step in which the web app was chosen, resulting in an invalid installation. A rollback of the install with an error was done using the copyappbincontent command).
Version 16.2 — released on March 22, 2017
  • New feature in the Knowledge Base (KB): articles for Technicians. Now it is possible to create articles available for Technicians only and hidden from the Helpdesk users.
  • Junk email filer is improved and now one can select multiple parameters in the rule.
  • A customized notification template can be used with the “Send a HarePoint HelpDesk Notification” workflow activity.
  • Fixed: Option to attach a file to a task now appears in the HarePoint HelpDesk dashboard.
  • Fix in the product automation algorithms: now the status of a closed request is not changed to Open when the technician adds an internal comment or updates the resolution comment.
  • Fixed: Improved logic for KB article suggestions when a user is creating a new ticket.
  • Fixed: Mobile Web Part view (design or layout) and operation.
  • Fixed: Backslash usage in hidden comments is allowed now.
  • Fixed: Multiple Users Fields now available for use when creating custom fields in the request form.
  • Fixed: error in filtring the data in Boolean fields with only two possible values: true or false.
  • Other minor corrections.
  • Other minor corrections.
Version 16.1 — released on December 6, 2016
  • Mobile version of web part added;
  • Additional functionality in Outbox – now copies of notifications can be resent. Sample workflow included – Send notifications copies;
  • New options for notifications – do not send to group if individual operator listed as responsible;
  • Added choice of empty characters for lookups;
  • German version corrected;
  • German documentation available;
  • Bug fix: reactivation of feature no longer removes notification settings.
Version 16.0 — released on June 27, 2016
HarePoint HelpDesk is now fully compatible with Microsoft SharePoint 2016.

Also, the new version includes:

  • Fix on adding of attachments to user’s web-part, which is placed on a custom master page.
  • Fix on adding of attachments to user’s web-part. An error message was displayed in Internet Explorer, even though attachments were added properly.
  • Fix for the displaying of the lookup fields in forms.
  • Fix for the filter "by Support Group" in reports.
Version 15.7 — released on June 1, 2016
  • New option in grid interface to answer post to multiple tickets simultaneously.
  • Reports by a responsible person now with Support Group filter.
  • Technicians can now post tickets via email with a setting for allowing this only for responsible techs or for any tech.
  • Selection of fields to be included in PDF export of ticket now in form settings view.
  • AD users in selected AD groups can create tickets by email without previous entry onto the site.
  • Language Packs updated and corrected.
  • Bug in sorting of Product and Category as single-level lists fixed.
  • Bug in displaying of Product and Category as multi-level lists corrected.
  • Bug leaving Support Rep\Support Group field blank.
  • Bug with variables in the Status field fixed.
  • Displayed User Requests can be renamed.
  • Footer with the logo removed from downloaded reports and queries.
Version 15.6 — released on December 7, 2015
  • Archiving of ticket requests in the database with restoration to the request list.
  • New Site Feature that removes the 5000-element list view limit for the HelpDesk site without turning off the parameter for the whole web application.
  • The error causing some emails loaded from external mailboxes not to be processed corrected.
  • Algorithm for sending notifications to HelpDesk site administrators changed in cases where the Administrator belongs to the Viewer group on the HelpDesk site.

Details concerning the functions and options available in the new update can be found in the documentation.

Important information for users who plan to do updates from previous versions of the product to this and forthcoming versions! To exclude the chance of loading old email messages and creating new requests from them, we recommend deleting and moving all messages from the given external mailbox, if there are such messages in it. Additionally, the Inbox library for all HelpDesk sites should be cleared before starting the version update process. Details concerning how to execute this product update can be found in the product documentation.

Version — released on May 18, 2015
  • Option to use a custom title for HarePoint HelpDesk pages has been added.
  • The problem with displaying pictures in notification messages is fixed.
  • Logo for pdf export is selected from site settings now; also the name of the website can be inserted, too.
  • New macros are added:
    • [%hhd: supportrepusername%] – name of a responsible person.
    • [%hhd: supportrepuseremail%] – email of a responsible person.
    • [%FullRequestHistory: OnReverse%] – reverses request history data prior to inserting it into the message.
  • Changes in the security model: Now the HelpDesk settings pages can be viewed only by users with permission “Manage Web”.
Version 15.5 — released on February 9, 2015
  • German and Russian language packs are added into the product installation wizard.
  • Search across KB articles is enabled and display of suggested articles to technicians is added when new a new request is created from the Technician dashboard.
  • Support for sending attachments in notification messages is available. Now when technician replies to the user with attachments, they can be sent to the user in the notification message, so the user will get all the needed information right in the message, without entering the HelpDesk website.
  • The field types Choice, MultiСhoice, and MultiLookUp can now be used to customize the request creation form and to add new fields there.
  • More flexibility added to the notification settings. Now it is possible to configure notifications for new replies by the user and technician individually.
  • Option to adjust the default view of Categories and Products is added. Now it is possible to show data in collapsed view by default.
  • Attachments can be added to KB articles now.
  • Bug in the resolved requests report is fixed.
  • Some compatibility issues with localized SharePoint websites are fixed.
Version 15.4 — released on October 27, 2014
  • A new security role, “Viewers,” is added.
  • Request view page is optimized for speed.
  • Support for German language pack is added.
  • A new feature, “resolution confirmation,” is added. Now a request with status “Resolved” requires user’s confirmation.
  • Broken link “View User Requests” is fixed in the message templates.
  • A new option is added into the HTTP module which redirects users to a web-part page. Using this new feature it is possible to place the web-part page on the same website where HelpDesk is.
  • Bug with hidden comments is fixed on the Request view page for technicians.
Version 15.3 — released on June 20, 2014
  • A package with demo-data was added to the product.
  • New feature to create tasks related to specified requests.
  • New macro for notification message templates to save the full message history of the request in email notifications.
  • New navigation menu for the HelpDesk site.
  • A bug occurring with report pdf export fixed.
Version 15.2.1 — released on April 30, 2014
  • Settings page redesigned and updated to improve usability.
  • HelpDesk Technicians can add comments in the tickets that are hidden from users.
  • The problems with grouping data by multiple fields in the Technician dashboard was fixed.
  • Links to KB articles can be added to the ticket reply.
  • Added option to specify a custom period of time for analytics reports.
Version 15.2 — released on January 27, 2014
  • New report "Trends by users" is added
  • When escalation by SLA rule occurs, notification now can also be sent to the person responsible for the request before escalation.
  • Old messages can be purged from Outbox folder automatically now
  • A new action, "Set level as", is added in the group of actions available for escalation rules.
  • Option to specify user account from which requests which were sent by email are created
  • Size of the user's picture is now limited
  • Bug with category and product tree generation is fixed.
  • Bug with Due Date calculation for operation hours is fixed in the SLA rules.
  • Bug with sending notifications to users which names included in square bracket is fixed
  • Bug with changing the message status from "In progress" to "Open" when a new comment is posted is fixed.
  • Bug with blank notification message for "RequestAssignedToTechnician" action is fixed.
Version 15.1 — released on October 30, 2013
  • Multi-level lookup fields are supported now: you can create Subcategories and Subproducts.
  • New feature: export requests by schedule.
  • A new version of DevExpress (v.12.2.12) is used now.
Version 15.0 — released on August 23, 2013
  • HarePoint HelpDesk is now fully compatible with Microsoft SharePoint 2013.
  • Request export to PDF is added.
Version 14.4 — released on June 13, 2013
  • Dates are displayed according to the regional settings for the website now.
  • New reports on SLA violation are added.
  • The problem with reply from the web-art (it occurred on some configurations) is fixed.
  • Quick reply is inserted into the current cursor position now.
Version 14.3 — released on May 29, 2013
  • New version of DevExpress implemented (version 12.1.7)
  • Web-part identifier is added to allow detection of web-page from which requests are created.
  • Web-part includes new features to notify users about request creation and to redirect users after submitting a ticket.
  • Request list generation form is optimized for higher performance.
  • Workflows fixed to eliminate the problem with processing requests with status «On Hold».
Version 14.2 — released on February 21, 2013
  • Search by request ID
  • Search by request text
  • User search by name
  • Spam filter
  • SLA Rules
  • Report export as PDF and XLS
  • Report sending by email
  • E-mail based request submission
  • E-mail based replies to notifications
  • Downloading of messages from POP3 and IMAP servers
  • Quick response templates
  • Knowledge Base

Also, the new version includes:

  • Changes in the alert system: now the Outbox document Library is used to send messages and alerts out. This allows you to view the list of sent messages, the status of the operation and even to resend the message.
  • New workflow activities were added.
  • The settings page to configure alerts was added.
  • Workflows have been completely rearranged. Now the workflow monitors requests based on SLA rules.
  • Recently viewed requests are displayed on the technician’s dashboard now.
  • The capability to create user accounts automatically when a new request is submitted (or when email messages are received) was added.
Version 14.1.0 — released on August 07, 2012
  • Email supporting is added.
  • A search feature is added.
Version 14.0.1 — released on May 18, 2012
  • First public version has been released.
Beta Version — released on April 27, 2012
  • Beta version of the product.

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