Workflow Extensions for Office 365 licensing and pricing

Licensing overview

The product has two types of licenses:

  • Trial License.

    This license is provided free of charge and it has two limitations: it expires in 30 days and the number of credits provided is limited to 5000. As soon as the period or credits provided with this plan run out, the trial license expires.

    We strongly recommend using the Trial License before purchasing: this allows you to estimate the number of credits you spend in your environment and provides statistics for understanding what billing plan is the best option for you.

  • Commercial License.

    This license provides use of the product according to a chosen billing plan with the limitations and capabilities of the chosen plan. Six billing plans are available for HarePoint Workflow Extensions for Office 365. The options allow choices so that your use of and payment for the product is cost-effective and transparent.

    To measure product use, we use credits: the execution of each workflow action of the product requires a number of credits.

    You will need to select a billing plan which corresponds to your projected usage of the product and then apply funds to your account to activate the Commercial License of HarePoint Workflow Extensions for Office 365. You can change the billing plan once per month.

Pricing overview

Monthly plans   'Pay As You Go' plan

Plan name S L XL XXL XXXL
Price (USD/month) 100 200 300 400 500
Credits included 30K 100K 300K 1000K 1500K
  • billing period is one month;
  • pre-paid plans with a fixed price and a predefined number of credits;
  • unused credits purchased expire after one month regardless of the number remaining;
  • ideal for any highly automated environment as well as mid-sized companies and enterprises with strict budget control, or for users who want to optimize their expenses.
Price:USD 5.00 for 1000 credits

  • post-pay plan with a fixed price for credits;
  • credits are deducted from account at the end of the billing period (once a month);
  • minimum payment: USD 100.00;
  • credits remain available in account for 1 year or until used;
  • an ideal option for companies starting to use the product and needing to estimate their real needs, for small companies which use a limited number of workflows, or for companies which have irregular workflow usage.
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While the Commercial License of the product is activated; it includes technical support for users via support tickets supplemented by remote desktop access and telephone.

Educational and non-profit discounts

We are glad to offer a set of special discounts for schools, colleges, universities, hospitals and charity organizations. Please contact our sales department for more information.​​​​​​

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