HarePoint Workflow Extensions for O365 guides and documentation

Administrator’s Guide

This guide helps to understand how to work with the product. It includes manual on activities and conditions with detailed description and examples with sample SharePoint Online workflows.

Quick start guide

To deploy HarePoint Workflow Extensions for Office 365 in your environment and start testing it, you need to download the product's app, add it to your app catalog, install the product and create product's account. The article below will help you to quickly deploy the solution in several minutes.

Free license activation manual

Using this solution, you can bring completely new capabilities to your workflows in SharePoint Online. Over 200 custom workflow actions enable you to achieve a wide range of automation scenarios. HarePoint offers a Freeware license allowing you to create one workflow using all custom actions (except “Covert Document to PDF”) for an unlimited time and completely free of charge. Follow the instructions below to activate this option.

  Find 200+ workflow actions for:

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