How can different departments benefit from SharePoint Analytics solutions?


Installing and configuring SharePoint for your organization is a big task. It takes time and money to make everything work seamlessly. Your company can benefit greatly by using SharePoint. However, this is true on one condition: that your employees are up to the challenge of changing their habits, are willing to learn new technology and to integrate in a new environment. The fact that you’ve decided to install such a complex solution shows that your company has grown big enough that traditional ways of communication are no more effective and you need to make a serious investment to guide the future evolution of your company. This is great, but how will you know if your investment pays off? The best way is to go one step further and install an advanced analytics solution in your SharePoint infrastructure. Why is this so important? Let’s see how your specialists in different departments benefit from in-depth analytics software installed within your SharePoint environment.

So, we’ve established that you’re running a rather big company. This can be a pretty challenging task if you’re unable to monitor your employees’ activities and analyze how efficient they are. With analytics installed in your intranet, you can see how your departments interact with each other; you can see how much each user contributes to its content, how involved everyone is in company’s activities, and you can see the document flow and most importantly, you can see the people in your company.

Using installed analytics, you can see whose page or blog is the most visited and why. Maybe that person is a great specialist who posts useful information that everyone trusts and finds helpful for their work, or maybe he or she is just a great person that everyone likes to interact with. Such information will be useful when you are in need of a new department head or HR director. You can see trends in your company: what topics are discussed the most, what is on people’s mind. On the other hand, you may see that some branches or some departments don’t participate in any activity. This may be from lack of training or heavy workload on those departments that leaves no time for any participation. Whatever the case is, you would have never gotten such insight without a tool that works silently in the background and collects all that useful data.

Using an advanced analytics tool for SharePoint will give your HR department limitless possibilities to improve your company’s efficiency. By checking the most popular search requests, your HR specialists will be able to see what challenges your employees face and can prepare comprehensive training courses. They can also see how well the new employees participate in the company’s everyday tasks, what difficulties they experience and can help them get on board quicker. The information collected can help the HR department suggest promotions, relocations, training courses and other actions or events to make the company run smoothly and efficiently.

By now you have probably got the impression that only management can benefit from advanced analytics for SharePoint, but it’s not true. Let’s assume you’re a SharePoint administrator. It would seem that there is nothing you can get from analytics software that you can’t extract from servers’ dashboards or hardware logs. Well, there is. For example, analytics dashboards can give you visual information about the sites and pages that haven’t been accessed for a long time. Or give you a full list of broken links or obsolete documents which are cluttering your system. You can see the what the most popular sites and documents or landing pages are, even if you never knew that they existed.

To round things up, let’s say this: no matter how big your company is, whether it has 100 employees or 50,000, it is impossible to observe and control everything without advanced tools that collect the data, process it and present in a visually appealing way. Make sure to use the right tool for the task at hand and keep up the good work.

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