HarePoint HelpDesk for SharePoint

An outstanding helpdesk solution for your SharePoint environment
that boosts the quality of your IT support service to the highest
level and ensures efficiency and transparency as well.

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HarePoint HelpDesk for SharePoint

What will HarePoint HelpDesk do for your company?

Take requests from a website form or through email and create tickets into a unified list. Automatically escalate a request if it is not processed in time.
Notify HelpDesk operators about new incoming request or user reply immediately. Get resolution confirmation from the client.
Prevent SLA violation: track reaction time and escalate or send notifications about expiring requests. Prepare reports about the quality of support services and provide monitoring of quality indicators.

How does HarePoint HelpDesk improve your support service?

Zero the number of forgotten or neglected requests by using a set of automatic notifications and escalation features.

Reduce the number of requests by automatically displaying articles realated to the question from the integrated Knowledge Base before the request is submitted.

Speed up replies with the help of reply templates available to HelpDesk operators.

Minimize time between receiving a request and starting a process with the help of automatic request assignment tool.

Involve co-workers in the resolution of the requests by assigning personal tasks to them.

Why is investing in HarePoint HelpDesk a good decision?

Deployment of the product takes about one hour and our specialists can assist you with it.

There is no need modify, change or expand your current SharePoint infrastructure. The product works as a website in your current SharePoint farm and doesn't have any additional requirements.

One-time fee for the product license.

Free version updates and technical support for one year.

Free license for all test environments.

Take a look inside HarePoint HelpDesk for SharePoint:

  • HarePoint HelpDesk requests list
    The general list of user requests provides technicians with full control over user maintenance

    The list contains all requests places along with their attributes such as Subject, Status, Date/Time, responsible technician, etc. The technicians can overview the current status of requests here and start working with sorting, grouping or answering to the requests. There are tips to simplify operations with requests in the list, for example group actions like requests assigning to the exact technician.

  • HarePoint HelpDesk request forms
    The comfortable environment for helpdesk users

    Place the customizable helpdesk form in any page of your site including the mobile version. The user can easily create and submit a new support ticket and manage all his requests from one place.

  • HarePoint HelpDesk request thread with included and attached images
    Convenient conversation threads and ticketing via email

    The helpdesk provides the capability for support team members to answer user requests easily. An important feature of HarePoint HelpDesk is support of ticketing based on email conversations - a user can send his reply or ask a question via e-mail message which will be received, processed and added to the HelpDesk request thread.

  • Quick reply templates and KB linking in HarePoint HelpDesk
    Great assistance opportunities for technicians replying

    Replying to the requests, the technician always can simplify your task by using quick answer templates or link to a relevant article in the KB.

  • Requests filtering, grouping and sorting in HarePoint HelpDesk
    Filters, sorting and grouping features provide the most efficient operations with requests

    Each technician can adjust the view of the List of Requests to simplify navigation and data exploring. Any of the default views can be adjusted and extended with the set of various filters, sorting and grouping features.

  • Reporting in HarePoint HelpDesk
    Advanced reporting in HarePoint HelpDesk will keep you totally informed about support activity anytime

    The reporting features in HarePoint HelpDesk is a great source of information about situation with support activity. This is very important for management because the support team behaviour and activities can be controlled and evaluated in a few mouse clicks in any moment of time.

  • SLA management in HarePoint HelpDesk
    Proactive SLA management in HarePoint HelpDesk

    The smart visual editor allows to create, setup and apply SLA rules with a few clicks, and it will work without any additional actions, right out-of-the-box. Otherwise the product's workflow-based SLA system provides an opportunity to manage, modify and adjust rules easily, accordingly your exact needs.

  • Notification messages templates in HarePoint HelpDesk
    Intelligent system of notification messages

    You can set up email notifications regarding any request's activity like creation, modification or ticket resolution in the most convenient way. The flexible settings customization of message templates as you wish.

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