HarePoint HelpDesk for SharePoint

An outstanding helpdesk solution for your SharePoint environment
that boosts the quality of your IT support service to the highest
level and ensures efficiency and transparency as well.

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HarePoint HelpDesk for SharePoint key features

Easy deployment, customization and integration

An outstanding installation wizard allows you to set up the product in minutes; flexible and intuitive customization features allow the product to meet all of your compliance and request processing needs. As a native solution for SharePoint, the product can easily be integrated in your existing web-sites.

Convenient and functional interface

The product contains a configurable and convenient dashboard where technicians can reassign or escalate requests from users, easily monitor and manage large inflows of requests, and incorporate global and personal response templates.

Email-based request submission and responding

In addition to submitting requests through a form on a web page, users can create requests via email and can continue the conversation either through the form on the site or simply by email without ever visiting the site. The technician can enter a support request in the name of a user with whom, for example, he just spoke to via telephone. After that, the user can interact through the system as the issue is resolved through the web form or via email.

Flexible email notifications

Users, technicians, and support supervisors can all get notifications about all events inside the system: a new request, new response, an overdue ticket that requires a response, etc. Response templates can be configured and branded in SharePoint Designer; types and recipients of notifications can be overridden or reset in the products settings. All the coding involved in sending notifications is contained in a workflow, and in the case of non-standard needs, it can easily be overwritten using SharePoint Designer.

Auto-assignment to technicians

Incoming requests can be automatically assigned to technicians. Criteria which can determine assignment include: request category, priority, the user’s service agreement level, and others. Every organization’s assignment system is different; so having the assignment process in a workflow where changes can be made using SharePoint Designer is optimal.

Requests escalation

Organizations often have unique requirements for request processing. HarePoint HelpDesk allows assignment of processing rules for incoming requests in a framework that allows 4 levels of escalation. Request processing is based on standard SharePoint declarative workflows, and using SharePoint Designer you can easily customize processes according to your requirements.

Quick templates and knowledge base

Quick response templates shorten response times for frequently repeated or standard requests, and the built-in knowledge base reduces the number of incoming requests by displaying items from the database automatically when users create new requests through the web form.

Proactive SLA management

The product contains a configurable catalog of services and service levels with automatic monitoring. The built-in constructor allows easy creation of customized rules for the organization for quality control, escalation of incidents, and sending of notifications concerning violations or likely violations of a given SLA.

Advanced reporting

HelpDesk has a set of reports to evaluate and demonstrate the effectiveness of your support services, assess the quality of the work of individual technicians, and to analyze incoming requests. These reports can be viewed in the system itself or received in scheduled emails.

Requests archiving

At some point you may figure out you are having too many closed or very old requests stored in HelpDesk. Removing them is not really a good option since you possibly may need to refer to these requests in the future. HarePoint HelpDesk suggests a good way to store and manage these requests: you can move (or copy) them to archive. You will be able to view the archived requests quickly and easily right from Technician Dashboard, and, if necessary, restore them back to HarePoint HelpDesk site. Requests in archive contain all the attachments, hidden comments and requests history.

One product for all your needs

You can use a single product for both your internal requests and for client support. The installed product presents a site template through which you can create one or more helpdesk sites. The web part with the request creation form can be placed on a page of any site in the collection. All of the product features are available out-of-the-box!

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