SharePoint workflows examples created with HarePoint Workflow Extensions

SharePoint workflows examples created with HarePoint Workflow Extensions

SharePoint data retention policy with HarePoint Workflow Extensions

In a modern world, Information Management and Data Retention Policies become especially important. It is necessary to have clear policies and procedures on how information is regulated. This article provides an example of how HarePoint Workflow Extensions can be used for smart and flexible automation of Information Management Policies in SharePoint.

Sending e-mails with Word document body from SharePoint workflow

This article illustrates one useful workflow action from HarePoint Workflow Extensions. The presented activity implements an easy approach to create e-mails with complex text formatting - Send E-mail with Word Document as a Body action.

Calculating working time between two dates in a workflow

HarePoint Workflow Extensions include an action called 'Get Interval Between Dates'. This is a great action allowing you to calculate interval in minutes, hours, days, months or years, as well as optionally exclude holidays according to iCalendar file (.ics). The presented article provides you a short 'how-to' for this issue.

Adding attachments to e-mails with Word document as body

HarePoint has recently announced a new workflow action - Send E-mail with Word Document as a Body. There is related article about this action in our blog. The idea was to easily create a document with complex formatting in Microsoft Word and then send an e-mail based on this document. This workflow action has become so popular, that our customers even requested a feature: to be able to add attachments to such e-mails.

Transferring metadata from an InfoPath form to SharePoint document library fields

The article shows that it’s not only possible to convert an InfoPath form to PDF with HarePoint Workflow Extensions, but also various further scenarios can be accomplished. For example, the metadata from an InfoPath form can be transferred to a document library field, making document search much more efficient.

Convert InfoPath form to PDF with SharePoint workflow

Is this article you will find a step-by-step guide to create a workflow for converting an InfoPath form to a PDF using HarePoint Workflow Extensions. The workflow action ‘Convert InfoPath Form and Save to Document Library’ sends a conversion task using the HarePoint Document Conversion Service Application to a computer where HarePoint Document Conversion Worker Service is installed. Requirements and service setup instructions are also included.

Printing feature in HarePoint Workflow Extensions for SharePoint

Printing activities in HarePoint Workflow Extensions provide unique opportunity to print any required documents directly from SharePoint workflow. These activities allow you to enhance your business processes providing the feature to print the documents and images automatically.

How to create Invoices with a variable number of items

This article describes how to create an invoice with a variable number of items. Add New Row into Word Document action will add a copy of the last row in the Repeating Section Content Control. Then this new row will be edited with the Update Word Document action.

Send Meeting Request Using SharePoint Workflows

In the simplest case, automated mailing of invitations to a meeting represents a workflow where the Active Directory already contains the accounts of people to be invited to the meeting. In more complex instances, you can use the workflow to sort e-mail and call meetings using keywords in the letters. In this article, we consider the possibility of automatic mailing of invitations to the meeting by means of HarePoint Workflow Extensions.

Using PowerShell in Workflow to create mailboxes on Exchange Server

This example will show you the possibility of using the capabilities of PowerShell in workflows. Here we will discuss some capabilities of interaction between workflows and the Microsoft Exchange server using PowerShell scripts, however, the capabilities of using PowerShell scripts in SharePoint workflows are not limited by this.

Workflow approval by e-mail in SharePoint

This example will show you how to use the capabilities of actions from the HarePoint Workflow Extensions set for working with E-Mail. We will consider sending of messages and processing of incoming messages.

Compress and resize images when they are uploaded to SharePoint

This article describes how to create a SharePoint Workflow which will automatically resize an image when a user saves it into the document library. We will create a workflow which not only resizes the image but also converts it if the source image is in the uncompressed format. Also our Workflow will get the EXIF data from the source file and add to the document library’s field.

Generation of the invoice (PDF Conversion)

This article describes how to create SharePoint Workflow which automatically generates and sends invoices to e-mail recipients. The invoice will be generated and sent as soon as a new item is added into the list.

Generating an invoice using data from an SQL database table

This article describes how to get data from SQL server database table and use the data to generate an invoice. In this example we will create SharePoint Workflow which gets data from the database table and generates the invoice. The generated invoice will be sent to e-mail recipients, and a copy of the invoice will be saved in the document library. The invoice will be generated and sent as soon as a new item is added into the list.

How to download and process XML file in SharePoint Workflow

This workflow example shows you how to get data from an XML file. We will download the XML with currency exchange rates from European Central Bank, get a list of currencies and their exchange rates. We will convert this information into HTML and save in Shared Documents. To create such a workflow we will use both SharePoint workflow components and the components added by HarePoint Workflow Extensions, because it is impossible to prepare such a workflow using merely its own SharePoint Workflow components.

Publishing News from RSS feeds in SharePoint

This example will show you how to get news from RSS feeds, publish them on the SharePoint website and how to run automatically workflows according to the schedule. We will create a workflow that retrieves news from RSS feeds and publishes them in one of the lists on the website.

Receive and process messages, and send e-mail with SharePoint Workflow

This example will show you how to use HarePoint Workflow Extension working with the mail service, receive and process messages, send e-mail.
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