SharePoint Automation of business processes: shipping and invoicing

SharePoint Automation of business processes: shipping and invoicing


Employees: 80

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Automation of some business processes, specifically pertaining to shipping and invoicing.

HarePoint Workflow Extensions for SharePoint

HarePoint enables the execution of custom C# code that builds invoices programmatically, and then they can be saved to a network location and sent by email ​to the client as a file attachment. Thus invoices are sent in real time and packing slips are sent to the shipping department, reducing confusion. The sales team gets notifications of shipped orders with the invoice attached.

Bottom line:
It has made our employee’s lives easier. We are working to implement more and more automation, and I definitely see using SharePoint with HarePoint Workflow Extensions being useful for this.

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HarePoint products are recognized by thousands of companies

  • Bank of Canada
  • Bayer Pharma AG
  • McKenna Long & Aldridge
  • Byte mobile
  • Time Warner Cable
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