Using InfoPath integrated with SharePoint

Using InfoPath integrated with SharePoint

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HarePoint Workflow Extensions for SharePoint

Recently we’ve been trying to leverage SharePoint processes to replace some of our manual tasks in managing tenant changes. Our Property Management staff has several manual forms they fill out and submit when tenants move in and move out, and when we successfully make changes to those spaces.

So we wanted to automate that process as much as possible, and on the forms side, we succeeded – using InfoPath integrated with SharePoint, we created a set of forms and similar workflows to move these forms through to completion. But we found that in spite of that adoption, and the multiple viewing options available to our end users, we’re still caught in the middle of some old-school vs. new school ways of retaining data. That led us to HarePoint, and their exceedingly simple form-to-PDF conversion workflow add-in. This was the final step in getting all our involved users to sign off on these workflows.

Want to keep looking at data in its intended form on SharePoint? Covered, Rather print out a hard copy of a form? We’ve got that covered too.

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