Product Development works better with HarePoint Workflow Extensions for HAWE Hydraulik

Product Development works better with HarePoint Workflow Extensions for HAWE Hydraulik

HAWE Hydraulik SE

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We use HarePoint Workflow Extensions extensively. Extracting attachments from XML files and store them in a document set is one of our use case. That increase efficiency and has an deep impact of the performance of the XML form. After a year of use, we are very pleased with the results and use most of the various actions in most of our over 200 workflows.

The workflow where we use HarePoint Extension most is our product development process. It is based on an InfoPath form where different user roles must approve or decline different sections in various stages of the process. Based on the form content, different tasks are generated, assigned and the status of these tasks are monitored in the form. Also, there are documents uploaded within the form and extracted into document sets of a different document library. Here we use most of the different extensions: Execute PowerShell Script, Query XML, Update XML, Send E-Mail with Documents as Attachment, Start Workflow, Copy InfoPath Attachments to Document Library, Add New Row into Excel Document, Set Cell Value and so on.

With the help of HarePoint Workflow Extensions, we have succeeded in building a lean and high-performance solution.

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