HarePoint Knowledge Base for SharePoint

Unfortunately the entire Harepoint Knowledge Base project (product re-design, development and sales) is suspended now and a new version of the product will not be released in the near or mid-term. Thank you for understanding and sorry for inconvenience.

HarePoint Knowledge Base is a ready-made solution that provides a full-functionally knowledge management system in your SharePoint environment. The product is compatible with Microsoft SharePoint 2013 and 2010.

Why HarePoint Knowledge Base is your must-have solution

A native SharePoint solution that is immediately ready to use

The most outstanding advantage of the product is that it is easily deployed and immediately ready for use. The installed product provides a SharePoint site template that allows you to create any number of Knowledge Base sites on your portal. The knowledge base site template contains a standard SharePoint list, list items, and document libraries, so there are no compatibility issues; moreover, the solution settings can be customized according to your SharePoint environment requirements.

Get the KB solution which you have in mind without any mess

Everything needed for keeping and managing knowledge is included: articles, categorization and structuring, user comments, ratings, tags, change tracking, and permissions. The product provides article templates which can be customized according to your needs; authors can create articles without design issues, using the built-in HTML editor to enrich articles with media content. We offer a solution which does not require any training: content organization rocks and no headache for you.

Internet and Intranet: applicable everywhere

HarePoint Knowledge Base works ideally for either your intranet portal or for a public-facing website. In the first case, you get the most effective information system for supporting teamwork and business operations: your team members can add content and then modify, update and share it. In the second case, all knowledge can be made available for Internet visitors - making life much easier for your company's Service Desk technicians.

Efficient permission system: appropriate rights for each role

There are three main roles in the KB: administrator, editor and end-user. The administrator role provides control over the whole Knowledge Base site and all permissions: approve or reject articles, manage features and configure settings. An editor can create and edit articles, templates and article categories. End-users are anyone who uses the Knowledge Base facilities for reading, searching, printing, rating and commenting on articles. Sound simple? It is. HarePoint Knowledge Base operates with standard SharePoint user permission settings, so you can define the permissions for each role for your exact case easily.

Integration: KB is wherever you need it

The Knowledge Base web part can be placed on a page of any site, so you can provide access to KB articles for end-users from really important and related areas such as the HelpDesk or product/service description pages.

Smart search: reasonable alternatives

The built-in search feature in HarePoint Knowledge Base enables efficient locating of articles, making use of tags and links to assist end-users in finding information related to the specified topic. Moreover, articles are stored in standard SharePoint lists, so they are thoroughly indexed and can be found with the native SharePoint search.

Licensing and pricing: ownership costs are minimized

The licensing model is based on the number of WFE servers where the product is deployed. A one-time fee provides a lifetime license and one year of version updates and technical support.

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