HarePoint Workflow Extensions
Extend SharePoint workflow functionality with HarePoint

Extend SharePoint workflow functionality with HarePoint

AV Group

Person: Christopher Cormier

Company web site: https://www.av-group.ca/

We are a mid sized company looking to extend our ERP with workflow functionality (approval of requisitions, orders, etc). We had a simple workflow handling requisitions, that we were able to quickly duplicate the functionality of, using your product.

HarePoint Workflow Extensions for SharePoint

Using new HarePoint workflow steps, in particular the ability to launch another workflow and wait for it to complete, we were able to create a solution that is an improvement on our previous 3rd party package. The Custom SQL command makes it very easy to do our database / .NET logic using stored procedures, essentially allowing the creation of any custom step we want.

Bottom line:
We have control of our workflows and can customize them easily, we no longer have to pay other companies to provide workflow solutions. The 'missing links' provided by your company make SharePoint workflows much easier to work with.

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