HarePoint Workflow Extensions
Game changer for managing and developing SharePoint workflows

Game changer for managing and developing SharePoint workflows

Starkey Hearing Technologies

Person: Brent Caudill

Company web site: https://www.starkey.com/

Our team was working on developing an IT Services portal that would provide Service Desk, Change Management and Service Catalog functions. The requirements of the solution exceeded the OOTB SharePoint 2010 & 2013 workflow engine capabilities.

We needed the ability to use more advanced string functions, set due dates, trigger workflows, work with arrays, receive and evaluate email requests, etc.


We implemented HarePoint Workflow Extensions and HarePoint Workflow Scheduler to meet the needs of our ITSM build.

We are using dozens of the included workflow actions to process, assign, auto-route and manage several thousands of requests per month.

Implementation of email based workflow task approval has greatly improved engagement in our Change Management process.

The HarePoint products are now being used in almost all of our business process workflow builds.

The HarePoint Content and Workflow Migrator tool has significantly improved our development process. By allowing us to build in dev and migrate the full solution into production, we can reduce time and effort required.

Bottom line:
Utilizing the HarePoint solutions, we were initially able to save several thousand dollars annually on maintenance costs related to our previous ITSM solution.

We now have the ability to build out almost any workflow process, as we are know longer limited by SharePoint's built in actions. HarePoint has been a game changer for our team!

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