HarePoint Thumbnails for SharePoint

HarePoint Thumbnails for SharePoint

Discontinued product: no longer developed, sold and serviced

  • The licenses can no longer be purchased after 7/1/2022.
  • We guarantee technical support for all licensed products until 7/1/2025.
  • If you need to get the last available version of the software or have any additional questions, please contact our customer care.

HarePoint Thumbnails for SharePoint is a solution covers all your needs as a fast and handy preview of SharePoint content, both images and documents. The product allows you to browse content before downloading – a major time-saver that increases SharePoint end-users productivity.

Key features of HarePoint Thumbnails

Instant document preview directly in SharePoint libraries

The solution displays previews of documents and images directly in SharePoint document or picture libraries, so you know the content of the file without having to download and open it. The feature supports previews of the most common file formats.

Preview everywhere

HarePoint Thumbnails works for document libraries, image libraries and for search results. All locations where you might need to preview SharePoint documents and images are covered by the product. It is available for any scope: your whole farm, web applications, site collections or a specified site; and it runs on Microsoft SharePoint 2013, 2010.

Adjustable preview settings

Adjustable number of pages in the document preview: show the important content. You can show just the first page or title page, or the entire document. The size of the preview is also adjustable.

How it works

Let's illustrate the product functionality with a short sample. There is a document library with product guides and manuals in the screenshot below:


How a library visitor can define the meaning of abbreviations in the document names? There is only one way to do it - download the PDF file, open it and read the full name directly in the document.

HarePoint Thumbnails for SharePoint provides a much more efficient solution for this issue. You just need to place the mouse on 'thumbnail preview' icon and to know what exact product information is contained in the PDF file:


HarePoint Thumbnails for SharePoint is a lifesaver when you are trying to locate a specific document, image or presentation in a large document / image library. Preview SharePoint documents in simply by hovering.

The following files are supported:

  • Microsoft Office applications (Word (.doc; .docx), Excel (.xls; .xlsx.));
  • PDF;
  • Images (.bmp, .gif, .jpeg, .png, .tif and many others);
  • Web pages (html, htm, mht);
  • E-mail messages (eml, msg).
  • Plain text (.txt)

Our valued customers

HarePoint products are recognized by thousands of companies

  • University of Oklahoma
  • Kofax
  • Aéroports de Montréal
  • CBS
  • Time Warner Cable
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