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New HarePoint Workflow Extensions version: TIFF to PDF and more new features


HarePoint Workflow Extensions is one of three advanced workflow solutions provided by HarePoint. Explore the power of over 320 ready-to-use actions for workflow authoring in Microsoft SharePoint Designer and Microsoft Visio. The new version 2.13 comes with 6 new actions and a long list of helpful improvements.

New actions and conditions added:

  • Convert Image to PDF Now using this action converts multi-paged TIFF files to PDF file.
  • If SharePoint Site Exists checks whether a SharePoint site exists at the indicated URL before, for example, creating a new one.
  • Get Special List Item Url at Url gets special URLs for the specified list item from any site, such as Edit Form URL, Display Form URL, Full path, and more.
  • Set Permissions replaces all existing permissions with new values.
  • Change SharePoint Group Settings edits the following values: about me, view or edit membership, allows membership requests, and auto-accepts requests.
  • Change Active Directory Group Settings: changes group type and edits description and email AD group settings.
Other updates and improvements:
  • New parameter in Convert Document added - output folder. Now we can specify the destination for created files to be stored.
  • Copy InfoPath Attachments to Document Library can now use Current Item: Encoded Absolute Url as a target folder.
  • New options available in Get Site Property action: Primary Site Collection Administrator, Secondary Site Collection Administrator and Site Collection Administrators.
  • Add/Remove Member from Active Directory Group now can add and delete mail contacts in Active Directory groups.
  • Grant permission: new parameter Run Immediately. Now new permissions are applied during workflow execution and not after.
  • Copy Document To List Item Attachment works on behalf of the Current User now. So the Modified By field will be reflect the user who initiated the workflow.
  • Aggregation function now supports calculated fields.
  • All workflow history entries are saved now in ULS-logs, too.

You are welcome to download the latest HarePoint Workflow Extensions version. Not that we offer solutions for both workflow platforms: SharePoint Online and On-Premises.

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