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Email Authorization with OAuth 2.0 in SharePoint Workflows


In the last update of the HarePoint Workflow Extensions solutions family, we have added the OAuth 2.0 authorization for Email actions. Using our custom workflow actions, you can receive emails and attachments from IMAP and POP3 servers directly to a SharePoint list, as well as automate the creation and sending of messages and documents and way more.

OAuth 2.0 stands for “Open Authorization”. It is a standard designed to allow applications to access resources hosted by other web apps on behalf of a user.

Also, new action Invite External User To Azure Active Directory was added in HarePoint Workflow Extensions for SharePoint Online. You can choose either to send an invitation email containing invite redeem URL, or to use the redeem URL from a workflow output variable and deliver it to the external user by some other means (e.g. you can compose a custom email using the workflow actions and include the redeem URL).

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