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New videos about HarePoint Analytics for SharePoint Online


Attention SharePoint enthusiasts! We're excited to announce our new video series showcasing HarePoint Analytics for SharePoint Online! Watch our first three videos now, with more on the way!

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SharePoint Analytics: Find Popular Documents and Pages

Discover how to find top content in your environment. Learn how to analyze file and page usage with HarePoint Analytics. It provides advanced usage reports, offering accurate insights for your tenant.

SharePoint Analytics: Find Outdated Files and Unused Pages

Searching for a way to find SharePoint documents that have remained unused for months or even years? Do you need to free up space in SharePoint storage? Follow this guide to create Unused Content Report and learn how to analyze file and page usage with HarePoint Analytics.

SharePoint Search Analytics: detailed reports and insights

In this video we will talk about Search Query Analytics and Reports in SharePoint Online. Search statistics in HarePoint Analytics is important feedback about what's happening on your portal: what users were searching; what results they got, did they find what they were looking for or not.

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