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HarePoint Workflow Extensions: new actions and SharePoint 2019 support


We are happy to introduce a new version of HarePoint Workflow Extensions – an extremely useful tool that provides more than 300 actions and conditions for authoring workflows using the 2010 workflow platform.

The SharePoint 2010 workflow platform is available in all SharePoint On-Premise versions, so this edition of HarePoint Workflow Extensions can be used with the latest SharePoint 2019 edition.

Also, the new version comes with 5 new actions:

  • Set Site Property to change the site properties, such as title, description and site collection administrators.
    Edit title, description and SharePoint site collection administrators
  • Get SharePoint 2013 Workflow Instance to obtain the Instance ID of a 2013 platform type workflow.
  • Set E-mail Delivery and Processing Options to send personalized e-mails.
  • Get Text Length to calculate the length of a text string.
  • Delete Entire SharePoint List at Url to completely remove the specified list with all the list items.

Other updates and improvements:

  • New parameter Preferred Culture in Set Exchange Web Service Options.
    Preferred culture for meeting invitation
  • Resize Image now supports list attachments.
  • Remove Member from AD Group: multiple users can be deleted now.
    Delete members from Active Directory
  • New file size limit for Set User’s Photo in AD is 100 KB.
  • Download Documents to Folder can download folders only using the CAML filter.
  • Update Word Document: works for all content-controls with the same name.
  • Convert Image to PDF: file type check added for the original image.
  • Grant Permission new parameter RunImmediately to apply changes before completion of the workflow.
  • Get user’s manager from Active Directory: fix for scenario when a manager isn’t specified.
  • Resize Image: fix for overwriting the original file after processing.
  • Terminate SharePoint 2013 Workflow fixed.
    Terminate SharePoint Workflow
  • Copy or Move Document: fix for managing file versions created by a deleted user.
  • New logs for Get Active Directory Groups where User is Member, Wait workflow to complete by name and Active Directory authentication.
  • Print Document: ArgumentNullException error fixed.

You can download the latest version of the product from the HarePoint Workflow Extensions page or request a live presentation of the product.

Note that HarePoint also offers solutions for SharePoint 2013 workflow platform: for both SharePoint Online and On-Premises deployment.

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