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Updated HarePoint Analytics for SharePoint Online collects data from custom metadata fields


We are proud to introduce a new version of HarePoint Analytics for SharePoint Online that contains some new essential features and improvements.

The main news is the feature of data collection from custom metadata fields. HarePoint Analytics collects information only for the standard metadata fields (e.g. Created date, Modified date and so on) by default. But if you have your own custom metadata fields in lists or libraries, obviously it's important to be able collects this stats and get corresponding details (as minimum sorting, filtering and grouping) in the reports as well. New Analytics enables this feature; you just need to activate data collection for the metadata fields in the Settings and edit the Power BI reports to add the newly available metadata fields to the reports. More details can be found in the Product Documentation.

Custom Metadata fields in SharePoint Analytics

Secondly, we've improved definitions of a SharePoint user. It allows to provide more correct user-related data in the reports. There are 4 different types of users now:

  • Tenant User - an ordinary user in the tenant.
  • External Guest - a user invited from another tenant.
  • Email Guest - a user that get an access to the specified resource (for example - to folder) via his email. Any email provider can be used; Microsoft account is not required in this case.
  • Anonymous - an anonymous user that get an access via given link.

Finally, the instant support chat widget has been added to the Administration Area and Documentation portal to provide more fast and friendly contact with the customer care.

There is also an important notice for the current users of the product - you can register the additional application (a component of HarePoint Analytics) now. It assists to avoid a throttling from Microsoft related with limits for Microsoft API usage and as a result it will significantly reduce the data preparation time and ensure the newly processed data are always available in time.

You are always welcome to update the solution at the HarePoint Analytics for SharePoint Online homepage.

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