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New actions and features for HarePoint Workflow Extensions


HarePoint Workflow Extensions solution offers over 320 ready-to-use workflow actions for workflow authoring in Microsoft SharePoint Designer and Microsoft Visio. The new version 2.12 comes with 4 new actions and a long list of important updates.

New advanced SharePoint workflow actions added:

  • Loop Through and Update List Items: new activity enables easier looping through list items specified by CAML and update item fields in bulk.

  • Send E-mail with Word Document as a Body: now you can create advanced emails from DOCX documents: attractive text formatting, embedded images, tables, and all other features supported by Microsoft Word. Also you can specify URLs to the files to be attached to this message.

  • Get Working Time Between Dates: this new action can calculate working days or hours between dates using SharePoint Regional settings and the specified Work Week. Note that the Date/Time activities group is included in the 'Free group' of activities; you are welcome to use these activities free of charge.

  • Get the Number of Versions of a List Item: action added by user request helps to check if there were previous versions of the item and its quantity.

Other updates and improvements:

  • Improved resource handling for Send Email actions while sending huge number of messages simultaneously.
  • Receive Email to List POP3/IMAP: new parameter added to specify the exact number of messages to download if needed.
  • Send email: external Image URL can be used now.
  • Receive IMAP action can check all supported authentication methods and use them sequentially
  • Excel Set Cell Value: correct date values can be used if the cell format is set to Date or Time.
  • Set Excel Cell Value action: Invalid Cell Type error fixed in cases when user sets Null as a spreadsheet cell value.
  • Get Field Value at Url: fix for getting a field value from item`s version history.
  • Remove User from SharePoint Group now supports deleting several users at once.
  • Set Attribute in Active Directory: comma symbol is now supported in Common Name (cn) attribute.
  • RSS SharePoint workflow actions now use default PROXY server settings from your system.
  • Wait Until File Unlocked: new parameter WaitInterval for workflows that require a very long execution time.

You are welcome to download the new version of the product on the HarePoint Workflow Extensions homepage. Not that we offer solutions for all workflow platforms: SharePoint Online and On-Premises.

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