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Web-Analytics solutions for SharePoint 2013 and 2010 updated!


SharePoint Web AnalyticsHarePoint Analytics for SharePoint is well-known web-analytics solution for SharePoint-based sites. The software provides all facts about your corporate portal: users and their behavior, traffic, content usage, and popularity and many others.

The most important thing in the new version of the product is a completely new mechanism that detects mobile gadgets reporting. Previously, the product used .NET libraries to detect mobile devices and their settings, but these libraries were updated rarely, so the issues with correct identification of mobile devices appeared sometimes. We completely rebuild this detection mechanism so that it works directly with the "user agent string" and gets all the necessary data right from there. As a result, HarePoint Analytics detects mobile devices and their settings more exactly and correctly.

Also the new versions of the product (both for SharePoint 2013 (v.15.4.10) and 2010 (v.14.13.3)) include about 20 other new features, improvements and fixes; the main ones are:

  • Added filters to the collection module proper handling of work done through SharePoint Designer;
  • Interface re-worked for websites with the old (2007) style. Now reports for such sites have the 2010 style;
  • Corrected checking of access rights for export/subscription;
  • File name format when exporting now works for export of document libraries.

You are welcome to review all changes in new versions or update the HarePoint Analytics for SharePoint.

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