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New version of HarePoint Workflow Monitor now works with SharePoint 2016


HarePoint Workflow Monitor is an efficient tool for monitoring workflow states in a SharePoint environment. The product displays all active workflow instances and workflow associations over any scope, e.g. the whole farm, specific web application, site collection, site, or list. HarePoint Workflow Monitor provides essential features for workflow management: workflow state control, full details about workflow execution, bottleneck and errors detection, and graphical charts for analysis.

HarePoint Workflow Monitor is designed for the SharePoint 2010 workflow platform and the new version now works with SharePoint 2016 as well as the 2013 and 2010 editions.

The following key features are included in HarePoint Workflow Monitor:

  • display of all workflows and all active workflow instances at the levels of farm, site collection, site, or list;
  • display of workflow associations and their details over multiple sites on one page;
  • easy location of all workflow instances for the selected workflow associations;
  • and many others.

You can download the full-functionally 30-day trial to install and test in your environment.

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