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Happy New Year from HarePoint team!


2019 is winding down to its end and we hope that it was prosperous for you! From everyone at HarePoint, we sincerely thank you for choosing our products and continuing working with us!

Happy New Year 2020!

This year was quite eventful for us too and we would like to recount our major achievements.

HarePoint Analytics for SharePoint

We have introduced a new design for HarePoint Analytics with updated fonts and charts in all reports. Consequently, we have updated the layout for all reports exported to PDF; the new look and color scheme creates an ideal document for presentations and reports. We have also revised the installation process for SharePoint 2019 and 2016, added Modern UI compatibility, and improved reports generation and data collection for big sites.

SharePoint Workflow Solutions

HarePoint Workflow solution grows stronger every year, adding new features and activities. We have introduced quite a few in the past 12 months, but the major ones were:

  • Download/Upload Multiples Files from FTP Server
  • Add Watermark to Word Document
  • Find Objects in Active Directory by Query
  • Get/Set Object’s Attribute from Active Directory
  • Get/Set Object’s Multivalued Attribute from Active Directory
  • Set Site Property to change the site properties, such as title, description and site collection administrators.
  • Get SharePoint 2013 Workflow Instance
  • Set Email Delivery and Processing Options to send personalized e-mails.
  • Get Text Length
  • Delete Entire SharePoint List at URL to remove the specified list with all the list items.

We have delivered multiple updates and improvements to all of the three solutions:

  • HarePoint Workflow Extensions for SharePoint 2010 platform
  • HarePoint Workflow Manager Extensions for SharePoint 2013 platform
  • HarePoint Workflow Extensions for SharePoint Online

In 2020 we will continue adding new features and actions suggested by our clients. Please feel free to forward us your suggestions on how we can make SharePoint workflows smarter and more powerful together.

HarePoint HelpDesk for SharePoint

We continued improving the flexibility of our HelpDesk solution for SharePoint by introducing new UI elements like Customizable Dashboards, Disclaimer Management, Personal Set of Requests Views and Advanced Notifications Settings. All of the added will help your HelpDesk staff to provide handy, fast and personalized service within the SharePoint environment.

HarePoint Content and Workflow Migrator

Using our simple, quick and cost-effective SharePoint solution, migration between different SharePoint platforms and versions is easy and takes only a couple of clicks; multiple lists, document libraries, and workflows can be uploaded or downloaded within minutes. The solution can export workflows, lists and content-type lists in CSV, XML or HTML format for reviewing and processing. A new major feature added allows managing hidden SharePoint lists. The latest version of the solution is fully compatible with Microsoft SharePoint Server 2019 and the latest SharePoint Online update.

HarePoint Multi-Factor Authentication

Right at the end of 2019 we have unveiled our MFA solution for SharePoint on-premise. The official release is aimed at January 2020, but the full-functional version is already available and provides the highest level of security and DLP in your environment. HarePoint Multi-Factor Authentication is efficient and simple in use; the solution works with most popular authentication options (SMS and authenticator apps) and has attractive licensing compared to the existing solutions.

What's for 2020?

We will release a range of new and exciting solutions in the upcoming year and plan to start with the new flagship for our Analytics solutions: HarePoint Analytics for SharePoint Online (includes PowerBI integration). Our workflow solutions will receive a new set of activities for Microsoft Flow in order to aid the clients and improve connectivity. HarePoint HelpDesk will receive an update that will optimize it for mobile devices.

Once more, we wish that the upcoming year would bring you success and prosperity!

We will do our best so that your SharePoint and O365 experience in 2020 will be filled with only positive events and achievements with the help of the HarePoint solutions!

Happy New Year!

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