What's new in HarePoint Workflow Extensions for SharePoint

Version 2.1 - released on October 2, 2014

New SharePoint workflow actions added:

  • ​Create Site Column;
  • Create Content Type;
  • Add Existing Column to Content Type;
  • Set Content Type Document Template;
  • Create Mail Contact in Active Directory;
  • Get XMP Property;
  • Set XMP Property;
  • Evaluate Mathematical Expression.

Updated and improved SharePoint workflow activities:

  • Update List Item at URL action can process multiple items now;
  • a new option Impersonate has been added to the Set EWS Options action;
  • Create List Item at Url and Update List Item at Url actions support managed metadata now;
  • Copy Document to list item attachment activity allows copying of multiple documents.

Version 2.0 - released on June 26, 2014

New SharePoint workflow actions added:

  • Eight activities have been added to the new Social category: Publish Message to Yammer, Create Group in Yammer, Update Group in Yammer, Invite User to Yammer, Get User's Property from Yammer, Set User's Property in Yammer, Create User in Yammer, and Delete User from Yammer.
  • New activity, Create link to document has been added.
  • New activity, Set PDF Watermark Options has been added.
  • New action, Publish to Social Media via dlvr.it (post to Facebook, Linkedin, etc.).

Updated and improved SharePoint actions and activities:

  • Create List Item at Url and Update List Item at Url now support managed metadata.
  • Now you can Execute PowerShell scripts under specified user accounts (using Set Encrypted Credentials) .
  • Copy List Item at Url now supports calendar items.
  • Fixed operation of previously errant activities running after Pause until Date.
  • Copy List Item Attachments to Document Library now supports subfolders in document libraries.
  • Update Word Document now can change the value of checkboxes.
  • Create and Update List Item at Url actions now support hyperlink fields.
  • Deployment of printing and document conversion service applications has been updated to restart some SharePoint services during upgrade.
  • Set Regex Options now supports impersonation step.
  • Compatibility level option has been added to Create Site Collection action.
  • Support for custom url tokens (eg. ~site, ~list) has been added to Get List Item Url action.

Version 1.8 - released on February 12, 2014

New SharePoint workflow actions added:

  • Convert InfoPath Form and Save to Document Library
  • Local User Account on Server
  • Set Local User’s Password on Server
  • Delete Local User Account from Server
  • Get Interval Between Dates
  • Add New Row to Word Document
  • Update Picture in Word Document

Updated and improved SharePoint actions and activities:

  • The new variable List Item Version was added to Get List Item Url and Get Field Value actions. Now workflow can check whether any of the List Items fields have been updated.
  • Set User’s Photo in SharePoint action now works both with User Information List and User Profile Service.
  • Workflow actions can work with Excel files using https connection.
  • Execute PowerShell compatible with SharePoint 2013 now.
  • Calculate Aggregation Function now able to work recursively with all List Items.
  • Rich text (HTML) support added to Update Word Document action.

Version 1.7 - released on April 5, 2013

Support for Microsoft SharePoint 2013 has b​een added.

New Workflow Actions added:

  • Document Library: Copy Document to List Item Attachment
  • Network: Set Exchange Web Service Options
  • E-Mail: Send Meeting Request

Version 1.6 - released on November 15, 2012

New Workflow Actions added:

  • Find User in Active Directory by Query​
  • Build String from List
  • Set user’s Password in Active Directory​
  • Execute SQL Command into List
  • Evaluate Due Date
  • Copy or Move Document to Different Farm
  • Set Target Site Options
  • Delete File from FTP Server
  • Delete Directory from FTP Server
  • Set Default Content Type on List
  • Remove Content Type from List
  • Add Content Type to List
  • Copy List Item to Different Farm
  • Copy List Item at Url
  • Find List Item by CAML on Different Farm
  • Find List Item on Different Farm
  • Delete Item on Different Farm
  • Update List Item on Different Farm
  • Create List Item on Different Farm
  • Convert Text Case
  • Set User's Photo in SharePoint
  • Set User's Photo in Active Directory
  • Send E-Mail with Multiple Attachments
  • Print Document
  • Set Printing Options

Version 1.5 - released on March 27, 2012

New Workflow Actions added:

  • Send E-Mail without Attachments
  • Send E-Mail with InfoPath Attachments
  • Convert HTML To Text
  • Get Document Content
  • Get List Item Attachment Content
  • Copy InfoPath Attachments to Document Library
  • Download InfoPath Attachments to Folder
  • Remove InfoPath Attachments
  • Create List
  • Set HTTP Request Options
  • Set Encrypted Passwords

Updated Workflow Actions:

  • Receive E-Mail
  • Set SMTP Server Options
  • Find List Item at Url

New tool "Encrypt Credentials" has been added. It is used to specify login and password in encrypted form.

Version 1.4 - released on November 23, 2011

New Workflow Actions added:

  • Convert Number to Text
  • Find List Item at Url
  • Find List Item by CAML
  • Receive All E-Mails to List
  • Save E-Mail Attachments to List Item
  • Get E-Mail Property
  • Set Network File Access
  • Execute PowerShell Script

Updated Workflow Actions:

  • Receive E-Mail

Version 1.3 - released on September 21, 2011

  • all activities from Document Library and Office categories can be used with any type of SharePoint list as well as with document libraries;
  • Some Document Library activities have been redesigned to extend their scope of operations;
  • new features for activities in Workflow category have been added;
  • the feature to choose 'whether to trigger update/create event' has been added.

Version 1.2 — released on July 21, 2011

  • More 30 new workflow actions in 4 new categories have been added.
  • All activities from "Date and Time" category are free for usage.

Version 1.1 — released on May 19, 2011

  • First public version of the product has been released.

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